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How to Get 2xBW Squat and 1.5xBW OHP Fast?



How much effect of food intake for strength development? Assume i eat “normal” daily menu: rice, eggs, fried fish etc
My friend is bulking up and he said if he eat less chicken lean meat he feel less powerful. I tried about 3 weeks adding more protein (white egg, fish, tempeh) but notice no difference in strength. However my abs was more visible that time.

wouldn’t increasing weight will make even more gap for that goal lift ratio? My weight was 63.5 now 65 pretty stable, squat gone up i think those extra muscle mainly on legs and fat too. Ohp progress very slow.

Yesterday i tested my 1rm for ohp and got 80 at bw 65kg. Its 5kg increase since november (was 63.5 bw that time), so little compared to squat weight increase

Why not keep with SS?


I’d say that someone with a 1.5bw press could probably power his way into a 2xbw squat without much effort lol.
Squats will progress much quicker than ohp for the simple fact that you’re using much more muscle, I’m getting close to a 2xbw squat and from what I can tell, the easiest simplest way to achieve it is simply to squat, the lift will build itself. For me personally, working up to high reps helped feeling comfortable when I squat at heavier loads. Also, it’s a lift that you can practice more often without crippling you. 2xbw is not that kind of super duper elite strength that requires some specialization stuff or whatever.


Is nobody gonna comment on the footwear? Am I the only one seeing this?


How many reps is high enough?
You’re right, i notice that too… was stuck with 5x5 (60) then slowly add reps until 8-10 reps with same weight got me to 65 for 8 reps although pretty inconsistent (some day struggle to get 5).
Which one should i prioritize? Add small weight or chasing reps first?
Squat 2-3x in a week is max, if more than that i often feel drained


Your form isn’t too bad in either your press or squat. I only have minor critiques.

With the press, I don’t think you had the bar or your forearms directly over your elbows. It’s hard to tell from the angle. It looked like your wrist were cocked back. If you want to keep your wrist like that then you’ll need to use a thumbless grip. Ease into it if you do. Otherwise, you’ll just have to make sure you keep it more forward so the bar through your elbows make a straight line perpendicular to the floor.

The main thing I see with the squat is that you’re doing what I call an ‘accordion squat’. All I see is knee and hip extension. You’re missing one more crucial element to a solid squat and that’s hip abduction. Cues like ‘spread the floor’, ‘screw your feet into the ground’, or ‘knees out’ can help with that issue.

I noticed the issue wasn’t as bad on your last reps which suggest to me that maybe your hips loosened up as the set progressed. If that’s the case, maybe take a couple to a few more warmup sets so your ready as soon as the first working set begins.

I also see a little bit of ‘butt wink’ on your squat. That’s where your pelvis tucks a little underneath your hips. A tiny bit isn’t actually a bad thing, but if you ever find that your squats are irritating your back or posterior hips then try to work that one out. One thing that might help which is something that we all need to work on anyway is to really brace hard. Lock your hips and midsection together. Push out on your midsection in all directions and arch your back hard while pulling your pelvis into your sternum hard while squeezing your glutes. This helps create a neutral spine and locks the pelvis and midsection together.

Don’t be surprised if you can’t use as much weight upon implementing these changes. However, it’s also possible that you’ll feel and be stronger almost immediately too.

I suggest reading through Wendler’s book again. But this time, don’t even think about the material related to programming. Just look for general principles and overarching ideas.


For a start SS is meant to be run on a major calorie surplus which you have just stated you are afraid to do.
Why -90% of the time at all levels people report back better results here on Texas method

Do you want our advice or are you here to argue?


Thank you very much for detailed observation & critics :pray:

  • press sometime i kind of loose groove / feel especially for reps. It seem that maybe the cause sometime need to positioned more better start. The grip is most comfortable for me compare to false grip (at first i was using thumbless and felt stronger but the grip my friend teached me wrap with thumb feel more secure somehow). Also i notice above forehead sometime i feel stuck (still finished rep(s) have to force.

  • for squat, its accurate…
    sometime in “bad” days (pretty rare) i felt it on my lower back a bit. So i need to widen my stance more? Or spread knee more with same feet distance? Sorry for asking a continuous question :sweat_smile: Still newbie


Oh sorry sir, i come here to ask advice. I was silent reader mostly look for articles & just joined the forum few days ago. This also my first post. I was just curious why people choose / recommend stuff, not meant to argue with more experienced lifter


My favorite cue for hip abduction is to screw the feet into the ground. I imagine that I’m trying to screw my feet into ground. This gets me to rotate my leg outward and push hard into the ground. This will help my knees track better.

With the knees out cue, you keep your same stance but try to push your knees outward.


Thank you, i’ll apply it :pray:


Just found it apparently i can read post with marked “withdrawn by author”
Have one yesterday but that time i didnt know how to read lol

Yes i vary my weight. Someday this 70kg for 5 will be light weight / warmup


You might be light, but I did just see your video of 2 one arm dead hang pull-ups on your channel and that shit is impressive to me at any body weight. Good work.


Good call on the footwear. Not sure how I feel about flip flops on squats, but going barefoot may be preferred.

If you like calisthenics, why not bang out a hundred bodyweight squats and pushups (or variations of each) everyday? https://www.t-nation.com/training/8-minutes-to-awesome


@flappinit loll that was long time ago… my max is 4 right arm, 2 left arm. But ever since incorporate lifting ohp squat deadlift, i only can do 1 rep each arm. But my lift numbet goes up so its fair trade i think :grin:
Thanks man


@SOUL_FIGHTER i was only doing calisthenics and passed those pullups dips etc. Currently only doing weighted pullup, dip, pushup & some front lever, handstand. Mixed with lifting, hopefully can reach that goal in title :grin:

Sometime i barefoot sometime with sandals depend on how dirty the mat


@Fletch1986 how’s the form? There is still butt wink a little i think

I tried heavier weight (lighter bar only 15kg but total is 75kg). Keep pushing to lift more weight as i feel need to catch up with “standard” lol
Felt more stable with “screwing feet” cue, thank you


form looked good! You stalled here and there, but that coulda been from being weak in that certain position, or fatigue.

Ever considered pausing reps during your warmups? This was an idea brought to me by my physical therapist.

For example, I warm up in 3’s and 2’s. So say I’m hitting 315:
Bar: Pause, Pause, Full
Bar: Pause, Pause, Full
135: Pause, Pause, Full
185: Pause, Pause, Full
225: Pause, Full
275: Pause, Full
Working sets

For your weight, I’d consider a warmup with:


@SOUL_FIGHTER paused reps i was using it at early start lift, but my friend was tell me to use slow tempo lift he said its better for strength progress. My tempo is bad here lol. You mean pause at parallel right? Maybe i need to use it
Thank you for breakdown sets im gonna try it


I think slow tempo is a great training tool, but coaches I’ve talked to said that they don’t recommend it on the upward portion because their take was that it teaches you to move slow. I think it really teaches good positioning and time under tension on the way down and pausing at certain portions. A slow tempo on the way down helps me in general.

Yeah, I mean pause at or just below parallel. But you can also play around with pausing at other positions.

I had one coach recommend pausing halfway on the way up, holding it for a few seconds, and blasting upward. I’ve also had teammates who did double pause squats where they pause at depth, and again at their halfway point on the way up.


@SOUL_FIGHTER double pause sound painful lol
My squat depth is still paralel currently, if i hit more depth it will butt wink so i have to slowly build more ROM. Good idea probably will get like 5 reps with much lighter weight, using paused squat.