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How To Gain Weight


OK i eat and eat like a pig and gain weight like super model any suggestions on how i can pack on the pounds? should i workout less(only 3 times a week)?


Natural peanut butter and whole milk, my man. Just stuff a shitload of peanut butter in your mouth and wash it down with the whole milk. At least a gallon per day.

Go do that for two months. If you come back and say you tried it but it didn't work . . . you're more than just a shitweasel. You're a stone-cold unethical liar.


re-evaluate your diet. Your workout has very little to do with your weight gain, unless you are doing crazy aerobics. Even then, if you truly ate like a pig, you'd slowly put on some weight.

Though you gave us no info on yourself. Sometimes when you are young, you can do this. But if weight gain/mass is your goal your diet has to be dialed in.


Is peanut butter and milk all you can suggest? Im 24, 6'3 and 143pounds which is way too skinny for my liking. I want to be like 187pounds. It would be really helpful if someone would write a possible daily diet that would be beneficial for people who are trying to put on mass. Ive been on whey protein concentrate for about 2months now but im not really eating enough. (Well not as much as you guys promote it) I powerlift two-three times a week which is cool and i can see muscle there but Im thinking its the eating that im lacking for the mass gain. Ive been told to not eat low calorie foods because it takes up room in my gut which could be saved for high calorie stuff. What are the best foods for this?! Ok, so peanut butter and whole milk... what else? Should I be doing cardio work too because I dont. My metabolism is just too damn fast. I need to tackle it. Just after a daily eating routine for someone in my position. Cheers

Oh and Ive been reading on here that some people think that roids are ok. Whats with this? I thought they made ur nads small and other health implications...


Anybody wanting to gain weight should post a food log. Half the time when you guys say "I eat like a pig" you actually eats like a 12 year old girl.

Post what you eat in a typical day, and we will see if we can help.


And we're not talking about those really fat 12 year old girls who eat a lot of food. No were talking about the small ones.

Either way, I don't understand. How were you able to write that long post asking for an entire daily plan WHILE AT THE SAME TIME stuffing yourself full of natural peanut butter and washing it down with whole milk? I mean, you are doing that now right?


OK typical day...

2 rashes bacon
1 egg
2 slices toast
2 slices cheese
bit of avocado if we got any

Large serving Pasta + sauce
and mince meat if possible

steak or chicken

Protein shake
ice cream

I want to eat more but my stomach cant handle it. Spose i could just force food down there but i feel sick if i eat too much. Any suggestions?


yeah I stuffed myself stupid with peanut butter and washed it down with 1/2 litre of milk after i read ur post.


Three meals a day? Try six. That's the bottom line.


Good God, that's all you eat? Seriously dude. I swear I eat at least 8 times a day. It's 2am and I just ate 3/4lb of ground beef. Before that protein shake. Before that chicken and rice. Before that protein shake. Before that Quiznos sub (large chicken), before that .5lbs ground beef, before that almonds, before that protein shake and banana. Actually, this was a shitty day since I woke up late and didn't make a good breakfast (oatmeal) and lunch. But yeah, your MEALS are good. You need SNACKS too though. Seriously. You average a meal once every 8 hours. I'd be sucking on some chicks tit tryin to get milk if I went that long with out food. Get almonds, peanutbutter, tuna, ground beef. Thy are all highly portable and cheap.



Here is the problem - you eat like a 12 year old girl. Eat more. Liquid calories might be the go while you are stretching your stomach. Milk is your friend.


The easy way? Do what NNNNate said. Simply adding a gallon of whole milk to your daily intake will give you an extra 2400 calories. And those are easy calories because they don't fill you up like whole food does. Add only 6 Tbsp of natural peanut butter and you've got 3000 calories right there. If you want to eat the whole jar, there's 2800 calories in a 16 oz jar. Voila, 5200 easy calories, just waiting to be eaten. Throw in the classic 20 rep squats program and watch the scale increase.

note: don't actually eat all 5200 calories in addition to your current intake, I'm just trying to make a point of how damn easy it is to get enough calories.

You want to try a little bit more sophisticated (and healthier) way of bulking? Here:


Pick any lifting program here at T-Nation, and stick with it. You'll grow.


I'd just throw in 3 protein shakes in there. Regular formula will work well. Maybe 4 or 5 eggs after bed with a little mexican cheese, or a can of tuna and some mayo. An extra 1300 calories each day will go a ways.


Before you read my post, go eat. All of you, just go eat. I'm going to go eat right now......

Did you eat yet??

Ha...You have to laugh at these threads, don't you? Someone posts their tiny ass diet and then people bring bring up, jokingly(maybe?) eating a full jar of peanut butter washed down with a whole gallon of milk....I love it.

Seriously... You weight WAY less than me and you have a lot of height on me. I wanted to weigh 175... Until I got there. then I wanted 180, then i got there. You will not be satisfied with 185 lbs... try like 215 or 220 or so. I'm not even satisfied with 185 and I'm 5'10!

EAT EAT EAT. Go eat right now.


Stretching the stomach aye... I think thats where my 1st problem is. I'm just gonna eat all the time now, make sure im never hungry and put meals between meals. You've made me sound scrawny which is good. You guys must be massive. Ive got the height to be huge, just gotta work on filling out.
Hey ive got creatine monohydrate. Whats the opinion on this? I hear it damages ur kidneys or liver or something if taken in excess...


I was half joking. Eating a pound of peanut butter and then drinking a gallon of milk is a bad idea. But adding in a decent amount of milk and some natural peanut butter is a very easy way to get enough calories if you feel like you absolutely can't stuff anything else down your throat. Just be smart about how much peanut butter and milk you actually choose to consume. lol


Triple that - 6 Rashers of bacon and 4 eggs

Add in a meal before lunch, if you're pressed for time do what i do, throw in a 150 gram pack of salami, chow down, enjoy a nice spicy Fat + Protein meal with a good 500 calories

Again add another meal between lunch and dinner, I usually down 100 grams of cheese, easy fat and protein meal.

One thing to note is I'm eating something double what you are and I'm loosing around a kilo of fat a week [well for the past 3], so I can start a bulking cycle.

Keep a serious, no bullshit food log and then be suprised that your huge eating contains maybe 2500 calories, when you need something like 4000-5000.

Good Luck,



That sounds like a challenge!

P.S. Skinny guy: Here's a little mission for you. Search this site (while you're eating) for the thread titled Jackass and read Big Martin's sample daily menu. It's informative and entertaining.


EAT anything in sight.

eat 4000+kcals a day and if u dont gain weight then get ur ass to a doctor. EAT 5+ meals a day - a meal is 800 kcal which has prot,carbs and fat.


If you are 143 pounds, eat anything that isn't running away. If it is running away, chase it, then eat it.

look for quality, high density claories. Adding olive oil to things is a great way to get quality fats, and a bunch of cals. Heck, a few times, ive just poured olive oil into a shotglass, and, well, bottoms up. Drink milk and protein shakes like its you're religion.

Now, go eat. If you don't gain weight, eat more.