How to Gain Muscle While Losing Fat? TRT and Lifting 8 Months

21-22% bf(calipers)
8 months lifting
TRT for 6 months. Right now, 160mg test per week.

My questions is will I lose a lot of lean body mass by dieting and doing enough cardio to lose 2lbs fat per week/9lbs per month?


If I’m on 160mg test/week will I lose a lot of lean body mass if I bring my calories to 1500-2000 and do at least 4 hours cardio per week?

I’m 25,5’6",209lbs,21-22%bf(calipers),lifting about 8 months, been on TRT 6 months.

I know and feel that I’m fat as f*** although people say I look normal and maybe even “swoll”

These are obviously people who aren’t into lifting lolol.

I eat 2K-4K calories of junk a day and I feel like I’m doing a disservice being on TRT/like I don’t respect it or something.

TRT is a tool. You need to have respect for yourself and those who depend on you (wife, kids). Lead by example with your life. Especially if you have kids. They see what you do. The way I look at it is if I’m going to go through the trouble of taking all these shots then I’m all in. I eat clean. I train hard and I try and be there for my wife and kids. Take advantage of this opportunity.

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Four threads later and you’re still eating junk food and asking questions on minute details of strategies you’re not actually implementing…there’s your problem. We can talk details later.


Why should we answer you again?

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Ol dude can’t even afford to buy groceries but can get a weekly test injection. Damn.


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Emcom, it is possible to lose some mass through dieting. However, you will get better results if you combine it with exercises. If you are looking forward to gaining lean muscles, you will have to go an extra mile and start working out. Best of luck though.

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Translation: Do you even lift?

^Translation: insecure played out troll who wants validation from those that reply to him and others to follow him on a internet forum. You must be seasoned huh? Guess what ? Im not. You’re a tool for me to be used and so is everyone else here so I’d try not to get your ego up for from people like me who slightly use this cause we couldn’t give 2 shits about your dick replies.

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And yeah sure go ahead. Get your friends from here and message to start a smear campaign against me. That’s what you usually do. Take care.

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Yeah okay broke boy who can buy TRT but can’t even afford food.

Don’t be an askhole and ask us dumb shit. The only reason you don’t like our answers is because you’d rather ask the same dumb questions till you hear what you want to hear.

Lol I finally get what you’re saying

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SOUL_FIGHTER top 3 replies.

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Not sure he @SOUL_FIGHTER has enough friends on here to gang up on you :smirk: . Find it odd you failed to mention that you posted back in 2012 regarding your first actual cycle . Let me guess did too much and shut yourself down? Now your on TRT for it ? To answer your question your approach should not be any different than if you weren’t on TRT

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Bro, that’s not what he wants to hear. Why are you ganging up on him :smirk:

Yeah the whole premise of this thread is weird to me. Like, TRT is just therapy to get your T levels up to that of a normal human. Why would that require a different approach when the whole idea of the therapy is to make you the same as everyone else?


Regarding what he wants to hear…

I was nice … I told him what he needed to know. If he was experienced enough to do at least one cycle than he should be experienced enough to know how to train.

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