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How to gain muscle / minimize fat gain (or lose some fat)?


I have been following the Natural Hormonal Enhancement diet for quite a while now and my progress in all areas has basically stalled. (NHE is basically a ketogenic diet where your last meal of the day on wednesday and sunday is a huge starchy carb only overfeeding) I am no longer losing fat and can’t gain muscle, heh.

I am looking for a diet that will help me build muscle but not gain fat and maybe even help me get a bit leaner. I am already “not fat” and weigh in at about 175 at 5’11". While I have a trim waistline I don’t have a six-pack (or even a 2 pack, haha) yet. I don’t want to get huge, I’m talking going to around 185 while dropping maybe 5 or 10 lbs of fat to get that cut look.

One thing I feel might be lacking is post-workout nutrition as the NHE diet does not have carbs after workout. Also the carb-load is only one meal before bedtime and I don’t know if maybe that is not enough. Anyone out there have any ideas? I was looking at the T-Dawg 2.0 diet, but that seems more geared towards fat loss while minimizing muscle loss instead of muscle gain while minimizing fat gain (or even losing a small amount of fat).

I’m sure this is a common question but thanks for all your input everyone!


Hi, check John Berardi’s ‘don’t diet diet’ or the Massive Eating articles in the previous issues. I fyou want to put on serious muscle and not gain ( or even lose fat) that’s the way to do it.