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How to Follow-up a Bulking Cycle?

Hello everyone,
I have been training for about 3 and a half years now, November 2018 i decided to start my first cycle of 14 weeks to put on more size.
I decided to go with testosterone enanthate 600mg and Boldenone undecylenate 750 mg a week. I still have another 6 weeks to go on the cycle; my query is what shall I do after cycle finishes. Shall I follow up with a PCT or transition directly into the cutting phase? How shall I go about it?

You didnt bother to think about this before you jumped into your first cycle? Go directly into your PCT and plan better. How old are you ? 22 or 23 ?

Why would you choose to go that heavy into gear for a first cycle?


Well, I am 25 years old.
The original plan is to continue with a PCT protocol. I was just a bit curious about commencing a cutting cycle right after the bulk finishes, that’s all. Didn’t really concretized the idea, though. Hence the query.

Going right into a cutting phase doesn’t make a lot of sense in this situation. You wanted to bulk, so you went on a bulk. Why then go in the opposite direction and deprive your new muscle of the calories they need to stick around? Your body wants homeostasis. Having your calorie intake ping pong back and fourth isn’t going to help that.

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So, what do you suggest I shall do after the cycle ends?
Follow through with a pct?

Yeah. Run your pct, work hard to maintain your gains, then set about to plan your next move.