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How to Fold a Shirt In 4 Seconds


This is so cool. I watched it like 5 times and I'm still mesmerized.


Doing laundry will never be the same.


Should be called how David Copperfield folds his shirts. You have to be like...one with the force or something to do that.


wow, that is kinda neat. I hate folding shit or doing laundry for that matter.


holy shit, that was tight.


It's actually really easy to learn how to do. That's how I fold all of my t-shirts, now.


It's still faster to just shove them all in a drawer :stuck_out_tongue:


HA! I second that - although it is impressive.

We've actually got an ad on tv at the moment using the same techique.


Woooooow. That's cool.

I hang mine on hangers in my closet. With my jeans (no crease down the legs, though!) and everything short of panties & socks.

I got sick of folding and having too little dresser space. :stuck_out_tongue:


I thought it was so freakin cool I just went and folded half my laundry so I could practice my skillz. :wink:


Yeah I did that too.


That may very well be the single most amazing thing I've ever seen.



Kinda like this without the hassle of the board...


My wife uses the flipfold like above sometimes anyway...

I made sure to send her that link... : )


How in the hell did someone come up with that?

I've watched a dozen times and I'm still amazed, and trying to get it right.


Maybe it's just me, or it's a habit that I got from my dad.

I do not fold shirts and put them in the drawer. I hang them up in my closet, always have. I also buy my clothes, and I don't buy cheap shirts. I don't use the dryer because I hate how it shrinks stuff.

I don't care how short of a time you leave it in there, some way they shrink. I hang them outside if I can, but living in Arizona, and with the polution. It just gets the shirt dirty once again. so usually they hang in the utility room, until they are dry.

The only ones I don't worry about shrinking or not are my workout clothes. Those I just make sure I don't shrink since all my shirts happen to be 100% cotton.

Big "Cotton" Boy


Check this out to tie your shoe really, really fast.

And an explanation complete with drawings:



I think my afternoon just got booked!



That is easily the most lifechanging information I've ever seen posted on this site.