How to Flavor Unflavored Isolate?

Im thinking about buying cheap bulk unflavored whey isolate, anyone have any suggestions what to add to the shake to give it some taste that isnt over the top as far as calories go? I could man up and drink it unflavored but if it tastes anything like unflavored bcaas def gonna need something to make it taste less like shit.



Milk. It’ll taste like milk

Crystal lite, the amount of carbs in the flavoring would be negligible unless you’re aiming for ketosis.

I’ve used unsweetended cocoa powder - it’s pretty cheap, readily available, and doesn’t have much for extra cals (1 tbsp has 15 kcals).

packet of splenda and some cocoa powder would be pretty good. whey powder alone is not much different from dry milk sans lactose. i personally don’t mind whey alone or just w/ a packet of splenda.