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How To Fix This Ugly Chest? Anastrozole?

Hey guys,
Im 28 years old, 6’2 and 253 lbs, Since I was 14 years old my chest started growing, Now im 28 and here is picture :

I can even lick my nip, last Week after Blood test I noticed my Estrogen Level is higher than normal also my Testosterone Level is lower than Normal, Here is result:
Testosterone : 258 ng/dl
Estradiol: 36.2 Pg/ml
I lost my libido, cant get erection.
And there is big water retention in my legs,belly and hand, What SHOULD I DO NOW?
Do you think Anastrozole can help me?
UPDATE: I lost 35 pounds in 4 Month
Heres my new chest pic https://ibb.co/DLc8H1r
Let me know what do you think? did you see any improvements?

No, it won’t. Go lift things and then see a doc about your low test.

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Your problem is your testosterone and estrogen ratios are making you estrogen dominant exactly like a female which is why you have the femme features, you’ll never look like a man until testosterone is in the high normal ranges and estrogen lower in relation to testosterone.

Anastrozole will not increase testosterone, you basically have the testosterone of a 90 year old man. You’ll need surgery to get rid yourself of the gyno, TRT will not fix it. Gyno surgery is usually not covered by insurance and is $5000-$8000 to remove both glands.

Do not go to just any doctor because most sick care doctors are clueless and do not know how to prescribe TRT. You need more testing, SHBG is a big one and should dictate your TRT protocol, lower SHBG, more frequent injections, usually a couple of times per week.

My SHBG is on the lower end and feel better on 10mg daily, EOD works, just do not feel as good.

Is it possible you have Klinefelter syndrome?

Since you had symptoms since teens. You need an endocrinologist to run all sorts of labs.

Check symptoms of Klinefelter… If you have a tiny penis that’s a clue.

If you Google that - the pic that comes up on Google looks like you

I lost 35 pounds,

did you see any improvements?

Yes sir I do. Have another blood test and see where you are.

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Yes, keep losing weight.

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I see an improvement for sure. What is your TRT protocol, how much Test and how often do you inject?

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I too see improvement. Nice job man!

I gather your are not doing trt at this point and are losing weight. Brilliant


Yeah, I def see improvement as well

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Compare your first pic to the one you just posted. Then, compare whatever in the hell you were eating and doing / not doing before that first picture, to whatever in the hell you’ve been eating and doing / not doing from that first picture until the one you just posted, and…


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Great work!
Things will get slower the longer you get, but keep on eating healthy, doing exercise, sleep enough, getting the right vitamins and minerals and of course minimize alchohol and candy ect.

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