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How to Fix Stubborn Body Parts?

Assuming im an intermediate bodybuilder training on an intermediate program for example an upper lower calculated split such as Fierce 5 etc…

also assuming im on a perfect diet preferably bulking, sleeping well and recovering well.

but lets say i have a stubborn body part for example arms relative to my chest (huge chest, tiny arms), and im following the program as it is written.

what would the best course of action to take to enhance the stubborn body part’s ability to grow?

I’m of the opinion it usually doesn’t take much. For example, if you’re following a 4x upper/lower split but want to bring up your delt cap you could do something like:

Upper 1: add 3x10-15 lateral raises, 3x10-15 front raises
Upper 2: add 3x10-15 rear delt flies, 3x20 band pullaparts

Nothing crazy like supersets, rest-pause, etc. Just adding a little extra pump to the areas you want to grow is a great start in my experience. Shouldn’t take more than 5-10 min depending on your preference for rest time.

Does the program have work for your arms?

It’s possible that they’re not stubborn, you’re just not working them as much as everything else.

Both get bull strong on at least one move for that muscle group and really zero in on mind-muscle connection work

Other things that can help:
Pre -exhaust/sequencing
Getting a huge pump just for the sake of it and load up on intra workout supps
Try a broad variety or unconventional rep ranges

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This site has years of articles covering this issue. It may not be necessary but you can find multiple specialization articles for each body part including full programs for each.

Do you have short arms? I find some guys with short arms seem to develop massive chest/back/delts, but have trouble developing biceps(not so much of a problem with tris).

When they do heavy weights for biceps, their shoulders/torso seem to do more work than is ideal for biceps. In those cases I would recommend lighter weights, very strict, to minimise momentum, and work for the stabilisers. You can also keep rest between sets down, to maximise pump.

What’s your chest messurment compared to your actual arm?

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Obviously everyone is different, but I’m curious what you’re doing for arms right now, and what your split looks like, so we can see if you’re actually addressing them sufficiently before we start throwing alternative approaches.



this is phrased so oddly. Why are you saying ‘let’s assume’ and ‘let’s say for example’…

are you actually just asking how to make your arms bigger?

What is your height, weight, and arm size? and what do you currently do for arms?

It’s really, really difficult to help someone who’s legitimately doing ‘everything right’, but also doesn’t say what, specifically, they are doing now.


Have you tried lowing the weight and adding more frequency

And this is exactly the problem that accompanies the vagueness of the OP.

If the OP is hitting his biceps with 2 sets of 6, once a week, of 75 lbs dumbbell bicep curls, then this is PERFECT advice.

But what if the OP is actually hitting his bicep curls for 5 sets of 20, 4 times a week, with 10 lbs dumbbells? Should he lower the weight and add frequency then?

And I’m not attacking you in any way @fitafter40 . This is a flaw in the OP’s presentation, not necessarily your answer. ‘lower the weight’ is very often a good bit of advice for an enthusiastic lifter who may be pushing his body too hard.

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It is. Why assume anything or use abstracta when pics plus routine are so easily available and really, required for accurate advice.

What you are saying is very true