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How to Fix Shoulder Impingement?

Pretty sure I have shoulder impingement since my shoulder goes numb during exercises and I have the whole rounded shoulder symptoms and all that but I literally, in the deepest depths of my soul, can not describe to you how much I DESPISE doing the annoying little rehab exercises everyday, on my life, I can not stick to them. I can stick to lifting for hours because I love lifting, but I can. Not. Do. These. Band. EXERCISES. Is there ANY other way to fix impingement besides them?? This has been an issue for years, can’t I just do lots of back exercises to fix it?

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I hate doing band work too, but I hated having shoulders that didn’t work right worse.


Before workouts, I do something different for it each time:
Rear delts laterals
It breaks it up a little bit and has put some size on my rear delts.


So do them as PART of your lifting. After each set of pressing, do 20 band pull aparts immediately after. It will give you the benefits of band work, but not have the tediousness of a separate “rehab” session. It will actually just feel like part of your lifting.


Do you use extra rest between pressing when doing this? I usually do face pulls, rear delt flyes, and heavy shrugs (paused 3 seconds at the top) each upper body day AFTER pressing (2x per week).

Hanging from a pull up bar for a few sets of as long as possible (daily if possible) should help.

Hey @potatosmuggler

Have you managed to solve the issue yet? When you say ‘Your Shoulder Goes Numb’, do you get any tingling or pins & needles sensations down your arm towards your fingers?

There are plenty of exercises that you can do besides the classic ‘Banded Exercises’. I tend to stay away from them when working with clients & generally tend to only prescribe them at the start of your training session during your warm-up.

In order to get over the issue, there is going to be a couple of things you need to work on. You have already hit the nail on the head when you said you have rounded shoulders. (1) You need to do some self-myofascial release to your Pec Major/Pec Minor muscles. Spend 2 minutes either side doing this. (2) This is where your ‘Banded Work’ comes into action…if you really hate it that much…do either a Rear Delt Fly or Reverse Pec Dec for 15-20 reps…any exercise to train Scapular Retraction will do. (3) The last thing you need to do is re-train your shoulder movement. I would start by performing 6-8 reps of a Single-Arm Shoulder Press or Single-Arm Landmine. In your mind, if you can think about pushing your shoulder blade to the wall behind you while you are performing the lift then that should do the trick for you.

All you are doing really is opening the sub-acromial space in your shoulder to allow for pain-free movement. So in recap:

  1. Pec Major/Minor Myofascial Release - 2 Minutes Per Side
  2. Scapular Retraction (Exercise Of Your Choice ) - 2 Sets of 15-20 *Controlled Reps
  3. Single-Arm Shoulder or Landmine Press - 2 x 6-8 *Controlled Reps Per Side

If you have any issues drop me an email camdensportsclinic@gmail.com or else check out my social media for sample exercises (I have loads on shoulders) @camdensportsclinic


Pick a rolling/ball movement
Pick a lengthening movement
Pick a stability movement.

If it’s targetted at your issues that’s all you need and it only takes 5 minutes. If you don’t want to miss doing something you love, I’d just suck it up and do it.

You can even interweave it with your ramping sets.