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How to Fix Low Cholesterol?

Eating about 3k calories: High P, High Carb, avg. Fats

Stats: 168cm 5’7’’ 80kg 176lbs BF: About 18-20%

Almost no sugar- bad fats. Also 5 eggs per day, 12 pills of Omega 3 fish oil and somehow still manage to lose Cholesterol in monthly basis.

Also consuming:

  • Vitamin D 8000IU 2x4000
    -Calcium 1,5g per day with Vit. D
    -Fish oil 12 pills 3-4g EPA-DHA combined
    -Vitamin B (full complex formula) 2 pills
    -Magnesium chloride about 1g - 2g 1-2h before sleep
    -3 cloves of garlic every day,
    -1x raw carrot and 1x orange (first thing when i get up)

I was trying to find fix on google but i am doing most things right:

  • Be active - gym -CHECK
    -Consume fish oil - CHECK
    -Don’t smoke - CHECK
    -No alcohol - CHECK
    -Have about 18% bodyfat -Only thing i can improve but still can’t be that low just by that indicator?


To be honest i think my strength performance dropped a bit as well in last month no idea what i am doing wrong. Beside that i did add more carbs into diet, more calories and quit drinking coffe and that’s about it.

I heard it’s bad to have that low levels. Help appreciated

ps: I think i will add some olive oil into diet like 1 spoon per day what do you think?

From my non-expert opinion, cholesterol looks fine. Your LDL is low (good) and your triglycerides are also low (also good). From what you’ve provided, you seem to have a very healthy lifestyle. Your cholesterol is low [probably] because there’s no damage to heal in your CV system.

Hopefully someone who is more knowledgeable about bloodwork will be able to help. @unreal24278 @mertdawg

Edit: forgot to mention that consuming foods high in cholesterol will not necessarily increase blood concentrations. Most dietary cholesterol is esterified, so is not readily bioavailable. Also, consuming a lot of omega-3s will typically lower serum cholesterol levels since they reduce inflammation.

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Yeah i am woried about HDL it was already low at total reading of 4.45… at 1.25… Last measurement it was total 3.84 if it droped abit its probably way below healthy range especially if i want to build muscle mass right?

Thanks, to calm me down abit

Have you had your testosterone levels checked? If they are good and you have no symptoms of low T, then I wouldn’t worry too much about low levels as far as building muscle is concerned. You said you’ve felt a drop in performance lately; do you have any symptoms of low T? How is your sleep/recovery?

Again, I’m not a medical professional, so don’t immediately assume I’m correct. Last time I had my bloodwork done, my HDL was on the low side of normal, LDL was below the limit of quantification, and so were triglycerides. I attribute this (same as your case) to a healthy lifestyle.

Test was done on 15.1.2020 total it was 538 ng/dL (18.67 nmol/l).

My age is 27, not on high end but it should be in good range?

That’s a little low, but as long as you don’t have any symptoms you should be okay. Do you have any symptoms of low T?

Beside Low sex drive nope (I visited doctor for exact that reason i am quite passive vs. girls feeling no need, and after T readings Dr. said its in fine range and my issue is in head… also low libido, no morning wood (i upped salt intake and might be abit better now… not sure if its in my head) …,

and maybe that i am holding high bodyfat all my life no metter how much i sport especially on lower belly, lower back and breast tissue but that could be diet ( looks like my body like to have around 20% reserves ). Training on and off from my 16yr old.

And there is no way to get TRT beside going into illegal steroid usage and try my luck there.

Those are major signs of low T. My suggestion is to start a thread in the T Replacement subforum. By the text on your medical results, I’m guessing that you’re in Croatia or thereabouts; from my understanding, it can be difficult to find help there. The guys in T Replacement may know some tricks. I would like to help more, but I’m out of my domain with this one.