How to Fix Crashed E2?

It’s been 3 weeks since I last took AI. I was on a 350mg/week of test e. Took one too many aromasins.

Anxiety has gone but sleep and joints are still a huge problem. I’m cracking everytime I get up. Sore everytime I use a muscle.avoiding training ATM.

Need relief! I’ve upped test to 750mg/week for the past 2 weeks and I’m still dry as fuxk.

Dbol on hand but I think it’s fake as its doing nothing. And I’ve experienced legit dbol before.

Keep with the high test? Get some estrogen cream? Help me boys!

Sorry to hear about your troubles. I think this is a ‘time heals all wounds’ type of remedy. You’ll probably just have to wait it out.

With that being said, if you believe your dbol to be bunk which is one of the cheapest steroids to produce, are you certain your test is legit?

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You are on the right track with 750mg / week. Also do it with one large shot, when the T wears off, the E may “rebound”.

Lastly, if the dbol is bunk, perhaps its mislabelled winny, causing the joint dryness? Something to think about.

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This is why i don’t like aromasin as much as anastrozole. You need to wait for your body to create more aromatase enzymes, vs waiting for the ones already floating around to un-bind from the anastrozole. You can raise your T dose as high as you want, take all the Dbol, but without the enzyme, nothing is going to happen (maybe convert more to DHT).

Anyway, I’m not sure how much AI you took, for how long, or how long it’ll take to create more enzymes for you. @rusty_hammer is right, time will fix this and that’s all you can do

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The test and dbol are from different suppliers. I believe it’s legit.

I wonder what the half-life is on Aromasin? Getting that out of your blood will be step 1.
I see no reason to do a mega T shot until you can convert it to E2. As mentioned that could make a ton of DHT and all your hair will fall out. Double F’d.

It appears to be very quick at 9 hours. Even if he took mega doses, it should be long gone after 3 weeks. But, I can’t find any info on how long to create more aromatase enzymes. Aromasn is useful cos of the long-term effects, so it must be a little bit of time

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OK so I’m just creating a bunch of dht sigh no aromasiation? That’s rough. What can I do then. Take a birth control pill?

IMO 750mg/w right now is doing you no good. If you are not working out due to joint pain I would drop to a TRT level like 150mg/wk which will still make a lot of E2 once your start making E2 again.

This forum has some pretty good guys who know a lot about these drugs hopefully they will also join in with some data but that should not stop you from researching it yourself.
I would do research on how long the effects of Aromasin lasts for a start.

Since the half life is so short and this drug should be gone you might want to get a mini blood test to make sure you crashed your E2. You could have some kind of bum gear and the sides are dry joints.

That’s the best advice right there.

Yes, you could take some e2 & see if you feel any better

You are right, synthesis of new aromatase after a complete destruction of all enzymes takes usually a few days. At least 2 days. Then the synthesis of estradiol depends on how much T is available, so taking more T makes sense but even that process should be finished after about a week. Estradiols actions are partly fast and partly take a day.

If OP took Exemestane more than once, so a repeated administration took place, then his body is already adept at synthesizing aromatase and the cells probably even have some enzymes nearly ready. So it would take significantly less time normally.

I don’t know what’s going on with @Danfry. Labs would be the best you could do. Also, dbol being Winstrol would at least explain the symptoms.

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Hey mate. Appreciate the insight. I’ve gotten bloods with the doc and they said everything is normal.

With the exception of e2 I got that done privately with sensitive version.

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Can you post the private results? Like this?