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How to Fix an Uneven Back?


First of all: yes, I’m on high bf %.

I noticed that the right side of my back is wider than the left side.
Also, yes, my right trap in bigger than my left trap. And maybe, by looking at this pictures, you can see that my left shoulder in bigger than the right one.
All of this is probably because I’ve been training for strenght in most of time ignoring the correct form of the movements (this is what I think). Or maybe this is the symptom of poor posture?

Is there a way to fix it? What do you guys think? Also, by looking at the pictures, you guys easily notice these things, or is more like you have to pay attention to notice them? I’m a bit paranoid, haha…

This looks like posture. Dont worry too much about symmetry.

It sounds like you already know how to fix these problems. If YOU think your form is shit, then it’s probably shit; if you KNOW your posture is poor, fix your posture.

When you’ve done this consistently for months (and have lost some BF/gained some muscle), I think it is fair to assess symmetry issues at that time. For now, just get your basics right. Effective diet and proper form during lifts. If your posture is shit DURING a lift, you’re training your posture to be shit outside of the lift too.

Good advice. I’ll work on posture and form, thank you.
Just a little question, because I’m a bit paranoid about it. Can you easily realize the unevenness? Or you have to pay some attention to realize it?

I wouldn’t have seen it if i wasn’t looking for it, but a picture is hardly the same thing as seeing it in person.


yea man… nobody is going to notice this shit. First of all, you’re just wrong in your assessment. you have bad posture, not muscle imbalances. Everyone has SOME degree of asymmetry, it’s totally normal. Nothing I’m seeing here needs to be ‘fixed’, other than maybe trying to stand up straighter and not holding one shoulder higher than the other (that’s what you’re doing here. it’s not a size thing). I actually do something similar, my left shoulder is always lower than my right. I noticed it a few years ago when I was trying to figure out some overhead pressing failures with a log. Because the log is so big, it’s really easy to see when one end is higher than the other. And I realized that my right shoulder is always higher than my left, whether at rest, when I’m lifting, whenever. I looked back at old pictures, videos, and saw it consistently after I knew it was a thing. But I literally spent years of my life never noticing it, and no one else did either.

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Looks totally normal.
Tha feeemales wont care or even notice, men certainly wont care.

Unless you have some pain or discomfort id totally forget about it.