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How to Finish Off Some Extra Gear?

i am in the midst of a 12 week 400 mg/week cycle of test cyp (yes first cycle ever). i have 3 10ml bottles (200 mg/ml)

at the end of week 12 I will have enough for another 3 weeks of 400 mg per week.

i was wondering whether i should perhaps up the dose (perhaps to 500 mg a week) for the last few weeks or just continue until i am done.

any input is appreciated, thanks

Are you doing a test taper? What kind of pct?

If using the taper method save the gear for then.

no, i have nolva and clomid i have which i plan to use for pct.


Bump it up to 500 mg/week. 12 weeks is pretty long for a first cycle… any gyno?

As far as PCT you shouldn’t take both nolva and clomid. take one or the other.

I would save it to front load my next cycle, but thats just me. hehe

Also, Nolva and Clomid are fine to run together. I think there is some good to be had from including both in your PCT. I’m a fan of aggressive PCT’s because I don’t like natty test shut down for longer than it has to be.

Bump dosage. 400 to 500 should be a fairly significant difference over several weeks.

thank you for replies,

im in the middle of week 7 and thankfully, no gyno. only side effect noticed so far is testicles are about 75% of where they were, body hair growing back insanely fast, and skin slightly more oily

besides that, getting stronger every single week and up 6-7 pounds from where i started

i actually have no idea why im so red in the after picture, holding my breathe perhaps.

left one is night before week 1
right is end week 6

Damn dude, you’re only up 6-7 lbs after 7 weeks? I would definitely up the dosage…and probably food. I’m up 8 lbs in 6 days…, but running a higher dosage and mostly because of the Dbol, lol.

eh, the before and after pics are night and day

my goal for this cycle is 10-15 lbs of lean maintainable mass after everything is said and done