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How to Find TRT Doctors who are Not Ripoffs


I need a TRT doctor who allows me to do use the lab of my choice to do blood test and use pharmacy of my choice. Most doctors charge a 'Monthly' fee and they have their own labs and pharmacy adding profits. Can anyone suggest a doctor who is reasonable and have the knowledge and experience?



If you find a doctor that accepts your insurance, TRT can be very affordable. Flexibility when it comes to lab work will depend on the doctor, but I don’t see that being an issue for most. Typically, the doctor writes a lab order that the patient takes to a lab of their choice.

Same goes for prescriptions. The doctor writes a prescription which the patient takes to whatever pharmacy they choose.

If you end up going to a clinic there are often more restrictions, and the cost is definitely going to be higher.


See the finding a TRT doc sticky. What you are asking for is very reasonable, but often not found.

There are 7 stickies here. You should read the advice for new guys sticky before the others.