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How to Find Local Strongman Comps?



I never post over here but I was wondering how to find local strongman comps? I live in SD and a good buddy of mine who is out in Oklahoma just did one. He said it was a ton of fun and he got me interested. I tried googling it but couldnt come up with anything?

Is there a federation or something like that for wannabe amatur strongman competitors? A website that I could look at for potential meets/comps?

Thanks for your help and sorry for the super newb question.


Try this: http://www.nastrongman.com


There is no NAS State Chairman for South Dakota, so it may be tough to find a contest but you can probably find some semi-local competitors if you would like to train with the implements.


I'd say your best bet is calling up some gym owners in the area and asking around, once you find someone who has been doing it they seem to pop up quite often.


Thanks for the replies you guys. I'll have to try those out.

Oh and Shakes, SD was for San Diego and not South dakota. Sorry, I shoulda clarified


http://www.nastrongman.com/?page_id=11 - upcoming competitions (nationally, not just you. One in phoenix, AZ Sept 3 and Tehama, CA Sept 10. No idea if either of those are close for you, but might be worth a little drive to check em out. Probably too soon to just jump in umnless the weights are really light, or youre pretty strong.)

And meet the chairmen for Southern CA, I think they are right near SD actually
Donnie and Kristin Rhodes
Spring Valley, CA
Phone: Donnie-619-300-2847 or Kristin-619-300-2842
Email: sdstrongman@cox.net


As Kevin said I would reach out to Donny Rhodes, he lives near San Diego and they have a warehouse gym there with all of the implements.

There are a good number of events in California as well.


Only thing close coming up is near Fresno.