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How to Find and Test Max

I gave beginner prep school a go, had my first workout yesterday and would like to test or find my one rm before spring break after 7 cycles
Which is kinda light years from now. How do I go on about this considering tm is a tool and has no correlation to your one rm which really confuses me since you should be able to do it for 5 reps if it’s 85% I know we’re not supposed to test but i’d like to do it for fun.

Is the question how would you test your 1RM?

If so, you could:

  1. Lose a training week working up the heaviest weight you can lift on each exercise.

  2. Add a few extra sets after your plus set on 5/3/1 week to find a true 3-5 rep max and calculate from there using the formula in the original ebook.

  3. Just don’t. Unless you’re planning to enter a powerlifting meet soon, your 1RM is a totally meaningless piece of information and only accurate for you in the exact conditions you tested under.

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I wouldn’t say it has “no” correlation to your 1RM, but your TM is definitely not your 1 RM. If you know your 1 RM (and it’s recent and a clean rep), take 90% of it and set that as your TM (or 85% depending on the program). If you don’t, take your 3 RM or 5 RM and plug them into a “1 rep max” calculator you can find by Googling it.

Unless i’m mistaken I don’t see a plus set on beginner prep school

Isn’t it like

Week 1-70%x5 80%x5 90%x5 5 sets of 5 fsl
Week 2- 65%x5 75%x5 85%x5 5 sets of 5 fsl
Week 3 - 75%x5 85%x5 95%x5 5 sets of 5 fsl

I know man. I just wanna know how to find it
Since you’re always working under it.

Would I try repping out my tm and calculate it from there?

If there were pr sets I wouldn’t bother asking but I don’t see pr sets in the beginner prep school and would like to see how far i progressed

Just lift the weight with a spotter. If you get it add weight and try again. Keep doing it until you miss. The last one you lift clean by yourself is your 1rm.

If you are asking this question you won’t be lifting enough to affect training anyway just on the day you have for whatever lift you are doing go through the warm up sets then start hitting triples until you can’t get three. And move on with singles from there.


Possibly, I’m not familiar with that template. Do it after your final 5/3/1 set and before your FSL work.

That T-Nation link has a little chart which is what you can do. Or if you just want a projected max based off a PR set, calculate weight lifted x reps x 0.0333 + weight lifted.

I can’t find the comic, so:

Athlete: “Coach! That weight I struggled to hit for 3 a few months ago, I did it for 10 strong reps!”
Coach: “Great. Congratulations on your work paying off”
Athlete: “Thanks coach. Can I max out to see if I’m stronger?”
Coach: holds head in hand and shakes head