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How to Find a Good Personal Trainer in England?

Hi there, hope this is the right forum for the question.

If there are any uk guys here, can you recommend a good resource to find a great personal trainer in England, please? I’m looking for general strength training, plus some size & possibly later a bit of Olympic lifting as well.

Also what qualifications & criteria to look for in a PT.

I only know one other person who weight lifts & I currently weight lift in my gym in the garage, so asking around is a bit limited.

I’m late beginner in terms of weight training knowledge & experience

Thanks all

Personally I would be looking for a barbell club of sorts.

Powerlifting focused. That way you’ll have a few heads to knock on and the atmosphere will inspire you to get those sweet juicy gains.

A barbell club would be great, but I’ve got a lot of old injury on my right leg, so unilateral leg work & hip hinges are necessary & I need to be coached on all that stuff.

Posture correction from years of sitting in office work too.

Maybe in future though. I definitely want to bench press 140kg for a few reps at some point.

What region/city are you in?

google Dan Johns ebook “From the ground Up”( its free!) tons of great stuff on garage gym training and foundation O lifts program, technique cues etc

South East, Brighton & Hove area :slight_smile:

Thanks re the ebook recommendation, I’ll get that

Id go to sussex university gym, Div 1 rugby team so should have some good coaches. .Perfect world I would take a day and go to London -isnt it like 40mins by train?

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Awesome mate, thank you. I’ll look into that