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How to Find a Decent Training Center?


the most popular training center in town was where my friend took me. "its the best workout you will ever receive" were his words as he lead me into a fucking commercial gym boxing class.

needless to say i froze up, and said i had cramps and disappeared. i used to go to a taekwondo dojo a couple years back and developed my sidekick very nicely but i have never had the chance to use it so i dont know how strong it is when used in a real life situation. and unlike a kicking pad a human isnt going to stand still and get hit conveniently. pretty much everything else cept the front kick was useless. i do not possibly see how i can do a 360 kick in a real life situation.

would anyone be kind enough to point me in the right direction when looking for a hardcore place? im not looking to step in the ring im looking to defend myself in a real life situation.


Sounds like finding a "hardcore" place isn't the issue. What exactly are you looking for?


I'm really not even sure what the question is...


Find a gym near you putting out successful competitive fighters, whatever discipline it is. Join it, you'll probably get everything you're looking for out of it and more. You can always change in 6 months if you still feel soft.


For the right price I'll let you kick the shit out of me. I'll even wear a realistic looking ski mask and say threatening stuff.


First, there are numerous threads around these parts in regards to choosing/finding a quality/legit training center. So, I'd scroll through a couple pages of the forum if I were you and you're almost certain to find at least a couple that will answer most of your questions.

Since I'm on my phone though and pasting links to threads into this thread isn't as easy as if I were at home on my PC, what I'll say is:

1) it depends on what you have available to you in your general area (or within your realistic driving radius). We might be able to direct you to incredible training systems or locations, but if those options aren't within reasonable commuting distance for you it does you no good

2) the instructor matters as much (if not more) than the style in many cases. That said there are systems which in general tend to be more legitimate across the board and others which unfortunately have earned poor reputations

3) your background and the area you live in. If you reside in a very rough area then (modern) weapons and multiples training should be part of what you look for. If you live in a safer, less crime ridden area, then you may not need to worry about such things as much. Then again, if you come from a rougher up bringing then you may have prior experience with weapons anyway.

If you wanted a "perfect" RMA (Reality Martial Art), then it would teach:
-full body effective striking skills
-effective grappling skills (both standing and grounded)
-legal and more realities of combat and strategies to deal with them
-psychological conditioning/stress inoculation training
-physical conditioning
-verbal self defense skills
-postural self defense skills
-defense and deployment against weapons
-tactics for dealing with multiple attackers
-tactics vs surprise attacks/ambushes
-environmental awareness and adjustments
-use and defense against "dirty" tactics such as biting, eye attacks, etc...
-awareness and prevention skills to avoid trouble before it has a chance to really develop

Whether you can actually find such an art is another matter.


excellent post. OP, it doesn't get any better than this, read it several times and then evaluate what you need.