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How to Fill Out Chest?

The middle lower part of my chest has nothing there and makes my chest look bad unless I’m in a tank top.

I started this program Monday

6day pplppl^
Is there anything I can change or add to focus on lower/mid chest more? I’m 16 so I could handle a bit more volume.

My chest looks ok when it’s like this

But when you can see my lower chest it makes it look bad

Could it just be genetic?


Looks fine to me

Grow it more, you need more size to get what you are looking for. Stop listening to anyone who says you can target upper/lower/middle chest and focus on overall growth and you will notice a difference.

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post a pic from a side view…would like to see how much actually pec thickness you have over all.

Have a read through this thread too. Since you’re following a Paul Carter article it’s pretty fitting.

Not much at all. I’m thin from the side view and I don’t know why I can’t get thicker. This pic is a bit old but it’s not much bigger since.

You’re 16 man. Once you’ve been benching, doing dips and push ups for a decade, your chest will be big. It just takes time and consistency.

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Nope…just a lack of overall lean muscle mass at this stage. You wont notice it once you beef up some more.

@youngquestion1, what he said.

I remember thinking I couldn’t flex my pecs. A few years later I realized it was because I had no pecs.

Train, eat good foods, and reassess in five years. Relax, this is good news!

There’s some great info about building your chest in here, including how to emphasise different areas of your pecs.

The stuff in here should mesh nicely with your PPL program.

My pecs always seemed lagging, but that’s when everything was actually lagging. It took a long while, but the slow and continuous process of adding a couple of ounces here and there eventually made things appear much better… and of course, when I would tighten up, and everything would “square off”, I would get a much better picture of how much work I had actually accomplished.


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