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How to Figure Out Macros


What is the best way to calculate your macros . Im wanting to start a cut but i do not know what my daily macros should be …

Ive been told of multiple websites but each tells me something different



Start. Make weekly adjustments.

Yes, that’s it.


People have used diets with macros all over the place, from high fat, low carb, to up to 60+% of the diet being from carbs with very little fat.

Here’s what you do for a standard baseline diet:

  1. Set protein according to bodyweight (whatever you believe will work considering protein recommendations are all over the damn place!)
  2. Set fat at 15 to 25%
  3. Fill the rest in with carbs.

What does your diet look like now.


Oh, I forgot to tell you to set calories first. The general guideline for cutting is 10 to 12 cals per pound.