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How to Figure Calories for Cutting?

Can anyone advise how I work out my calories for a deficit, I need to lose fat but am confused with how I do the calculations.

Thanks in advance.

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Google “tdee calculator”.

Hey, you need to calculate your BMR and TDEE. check out iffym .com for calculators but don’t use their macro calculator.

I’ve used the smallest amount of protein as a beginner here.

Or, you could just start at 12kcal per lb for your daily, track for two weeks and adjust.

So, if you weigh 150, start at 1800 and track.

Don’t calculate. Cut back 2 to 500 calories from where you are now and continue to adjust as needed to keep the ball rolling.

You should buy a good weighing machine.
I cut down on macros every month by 10 grams and increase the others. You should cycle them.
Referring to protein here:

As a beginner go through these steps first and take more control of the food choices you’re making…

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