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How To Fend Off A Busybody?


This is a peculiar topic, but here it goes...

My dad keeps on nagging me about doing steady-state cardio and how it's absolutely critical to cardiovascular health (riiight...). He claims that the heart is made up of slow-twitch muscles, and therefore only aerobic exercise properly works it. He also believes that anaerobics do nothing to increase cardiovascular conditioning/fitness/health. This crap is really getting irritating and I fear that he may even interfere with my training. I don't know very much about the effects of different exercise types on the heart, so could you guys give me some info that will make him shut up about it and leave me alone?


turn 18, move out of your parents house and then do whatever you want?


How old are you dude?

As much as I agree with gregron, it might be worthwile to show him some articles from here (anD I'm far too lazy to look for them for you) and educate him.

This could be a good chance for you to learn the different types of twitch-muscles, their effects and how to effectively train them.

Failing that, who the gay thinks about training their heart? That fucker will do what it's told, and do it well.

Is your dad overweight or a doctor?


he's semi correct


I'm 15, and my dad has a doctorate, but in a field that has absolutely nothing to do with physical fitness, and yet he thinks that he knows everything. I could try showing him some articles, but I don't know if he'd actually believe it.


lol old people think about training their heart so they can be healthy...old people don't train for a bodybuilding show, or any of that other shit...they just want to stay in shape, stay fit...they feel better when they move around, they keep their muscles, joints and tenonds strong. They want the blood to be circulating in their system which I would say is important when getting older. (I don't know how old your dad is).

Aside from that really...running here and there isn't bad for you...and if you are bulking for bodybuilding adding in a slow 20min. jog a couple times a week could be beneficial to you.

About anaerobics though..they are just different types of energy systems..if you want to be in absolutely great shape, you should be training both.


He's 64...I was a late one. :slightly_smiling:

Also, I'm not concerned about bodybuilding; I'm just trying to get as strong and conditioned as I can (I actually have aspirations for strongman in the future). I know some aerobics here or there couldn't hurt, but he thinks that you MUST do aerobics for health, and him trying to push it on to me is quite annoying.


Tell him you're going on a run. Then go over some chick's house and fingerbang her.

Two birds with one stone partner.


Tell your dad that you really appreciate his advice and the fact that he cares so much for you. then ask him to repeat the following phrase to himself.

"I can only control what I do, I cannot control what others do".

Its great to inform people and suggest things to them, but he cant make you do something, so let your dad know that you heard him, appreciate it, and that you will consider what he has to say.

....and then do exactly what dOcean13 said ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^


as you get older you'll learn that there are LOTS of people who are so narrow minded that they ignore even large volumes of hard evidence that their ideas are wrong. ironically, some of the most highly educated people seem the most prone to this....your dad, unfortunately, sounds like one of those types.

....which doesn't mean you shouldn't try. you need to dig up some studies that show that anerobic training is, in fact, equally good for your cardiovascular health. if no one here can point you in the direction of such literature, try crossfit.com....they are really big into this very topic.

if your dad has a doctorate then he knows well how to evaluate research and a couple of well-designed studies should convince him. if they don't - and I wouldn't get my hopes up - you may have to just tell him to shut the hell up and leave you alone about it.


Problem is, you might have trouble finding said studies...


Here's what you do, tell him, "You know what dad, you're right." Then not do it.


this is terrible advice and kind of disrespectful to talk to your father that way. The OP is 15 and living in his parents house... His dad would probably smack him up side the head for saying that.


^^this. This is what kids have been doing since the beginning of time.


My dad? Smack me? Fat chance. He doesn't believe in that type of stuff.


I'd disagree. It's not disrespectful AT ALL. It's actually being extremely mature and shows you can make decisions on your own.

The only problem is most parents look at their kids like they are not mature emotionally and mentally enough to say something like that and mean it. The dad is just going to think your a smart ass. Cause if I said that when I was 15 he'd smack me. But I guarantee you I say that now that I'm 19 and he just says, "O.K. thanks for listening."

And fingerbang a girl? Boring...


BTW OP if you are the person in your avatar, you look great for 15. Keep it up, don't listen to your dad your doing great. By the time your my age you could be huge.


Thanks, that is me. I don't think I look all that special in that particular pic, though.


you said you disagree with me and that its not disrespectful at all? But then you say that the dads going to think your a smart ass... how is being a smart ass to your parents not disrespectful?


OP, he's probably hinting that you're fat. It's okay, I do the same thing to my sisters and girlfriend; not that my girlfriend is fat, because she isn't, she's a model actually and goes down on me like 5 times a day, but that's besides the point. I do it because it makes me feel good about myself. In your case though, your dad is definitely alluding to the fact that you're morbidly obese and that he can no longer stand the sight of you. Obviously his advice of doing steady state cardio is to try and get you to lose some weight; which is ridiculous. This is America, and it's your right to be fat! So I say stay strong, and keep being fat!