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How to Fall Asleep?


I'm in N.Y. and it's 2:47 a.m. and I want to sleep but can't b/c my sleep patterns are so f'd up. I got morning classes for college and need to fix this pattern.

I know ZMA helps people fall to a deeper sleep while providing Zinc, but does it REALLY help people FALL asleep b/c I have a very difficult time doing that.

If anybody knows any other sleeping methods, help a guy out!

P.S. - I've been trying to sleep for the last 2 hrs and CAN'T, so it's not like i've been up...Just to let people know so I don't look like an idiot


cool dark room, no stimulus ie books, music, or TV. get into the habit of going to bed at the same time every night.

Hope this helps some

cheers Spud


This wont help tonight but...
Make a routine before bed,
eg. shower, brush teeth, listen to music/ read a book etc


ZMA doesn't really work for me. I've tried a few different brands, but I don't notice any difference, so I stopped taking it.

I've heard that Biotest's Z-12 (I think that's it) can help with sleep problems.

Other than that, find woman to wear you out before bed, that always seems to work for me :wink:


You asleep yet?


Beat it like it owes you money.



and lots

of weed.




Don't do anything in your bedroom except sleep, that means have the tv in another room, no computer, etc. Do NOT drink any caffeine, ideally ever, but it stays in your system and fucks you from sleeping for 8 hours after ingestion. Also, to fix your sleeping habits, do this, its a bitch but it works every time for me.

If you cannot sleep when you want to, stay up all night, through the next day, then lay down 30 minutes before you want to be sleeping, you'll be so deprived that your going to fall asleep almost immediately, set your alarm for 8 hours later, regardless if you want to wake up or not get your lazy fucking ass out of bed. After a few days you'll catch up on sleep and be on a good sleeping schedule, and don't fuck yourself on the weekends, you need to do the same thing.

Myself I can sleep when i want now, after drinking a 64oz coke and being in my room 10 hours a day, but thats from the military.


beat me to it :wink:


...So b/c I don't read every thread since I have summer classes and am going for clinical hours in my univeristy's hospital, I'm lazy all day...dude, drop the negativity and your kind of criticism, that's not what this site is for




This may sound stupid but...Picture yourself at a chalk board drawing a rectangle with a thick border.Next write the number one hundred inside the rectangle.Then rub out the number you just wrote being carefull to leave the rectangle and put in the number ninety-nine.Keep repeating this as you count down.

The thing to remember is to picture yourself literally rubbing the numbers out and writing the new ones in.Don't get distracted,it's harder to do than it sounds.It helps to slow your mind down.Read about this trick when I was having trouble getting to sleep on midnught shift.Works for me.Hope it helps.


If I'm not pissed off, I put on some Marley or throw The Gladiators on and crank out a dub packed with some dank purple. I then count imaginary dollah bills. I usually pass out by the time I reach $400. If I wake up pissed, I pound my pre-workout dosage of stimulants and lay there until they kick in, pound a shake and some oats and go train. It can be 2AM when this happens


one word: mary J wanna.


I do a similar thing as counting sometimes, but usually I imagine a scene of some sort w/ people doing things. Eventually, I don't have to think about them doing things and just kind of watch it like a movie. I just watch the movie in my head and pretty soon I'm asleep. Sometimes, I'll wake up in the middle of it, kinda half remember what was happening, but most of the time I'm out like a light.


Melatonin rox



Step one: Get off the computer at 2:47 AM and go to bed.


Yep,me too...On weekends when I was still in midnight mode I would sometimes train at 3:00 or 4:00 a.m.My wife would get a little freaked out when she would be sleeping and hear me moving the plates around in the basement lol.She would wander down and give me that "you ain't normal" look, smile and go back to bed.