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How to Exercise Turned Out Feet


My feet are turned out 30 degrees when standing. Which I am told is a rotation of the bone from the hip and nothing to worry about.

However I am wondering when doing leg exercises should I be turning out my feet? Squats? Lunges? etc..

I tend to straighten my feet, but have some knee pain when bending my knee over a straightened foot. When I run I usually do run straight footed, but I am getting serious strengthening my legs and don't want to do something that will hurt my hips later.


Put your feet where they allow you to complete the exercise in comfort.


Your feet should Not be straight when you squat etc. by turning them out in a natural position you are able to involve the hips, glutes and hams better.

I am not sure who started that weird trend to squat that way but it goes agint your general body mechanics and dis-envolves some major muscles.