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How to Exercise in The Midwest!


(1) Go for a fast walk or jog through your neighborhood/sub.

(2) Every time you see a 'For Sale' sign, go in the driveway and do 20 pushups.

(3) If you see a 'Foreclosure Notice' on the front door, that's a Bonus Item --- add 10 extra pushups.

I did this and got in a good aerobic workout and did 170 pushups last night.




That is a stupid program. You should know that you need to alternate between push and pull.

So tomorrow, do push-ups in the first driveway and inverted rows off the for sale sign the next (hopefully they are the big sturdy wood signs).

You should also consider using undulated periodization to vary your set/rep schemes.

Please think a little more about your program design next time!


Don't have any foreclosure notices thankfully, but plenty of for sale signs.

Let me ask this question, I may be way off base, so don't flame me too bad, but from what I've been reading this is gonna affect those people who chose ARMS basically.

Okay I bought my house approx 4 years ago and I got a 5.x% interest rate, which I think is pretty darned good. At the time I remember thinking ARMS are stupid at this rate because the rate really has no place to go but up and hey if it goes down MAYBE another 1%...my bad.

So why in God's name would I choose an ARM. Seems people gambled and lost. I don't want to sound like a prick, but you should'nt have chosen an arm and also at that point it was almost criminal to offer the stupid things. This is just my opinion, if I am wrong please let me know why, I'm willing to be educated.


You are correct, sir. Thank you! I'll do chins on the nearest tree. Most of the signs are the cheap kind.


I don't see that many. I live in a new housing development area so there are a lot of vacant lots for sale and spec homes being built, but no older homes for sale.

I do make my way through the old north side that is solid older, middle class homes and the only one that I know of that is for sale is my brother's old house!

Really, the housing market is in the crapper around here so it's not really a time to sell. But if you are looking to buy, you can pretty much steal houses!


I feel the same way.


Me too. I don't think the lenders should be bailed out either, because in my opinion they were engaged in predatory lending, and were basically gambling themselves. But of course it's going to have a trickle affect on other sectors, blah blah blah.