How to Execute Heavy Glute Bridges and Hip Thrusts with Resistance Bands?

Hi there. I am trying to figure out how can I do heavy glute bridges with resistance bands safely. The reason I use resistance bands is it is portable and fit my current lifestyle. My current glute bridge is 110 kg with barbells(now I don’t have access to the gym). I have done some research on the internet and find different types of resistance band usage on the glute bridge.

The first one that I found is creating torque on my shoulders. I am worrying about this movement can create injury on my shoulders. Is this movement progressible in the long run?

Simple answer is you pretty much can’t. You can either get the highest resistance band you can find and set it up differently (holding it with the heels of your feet instead of your hands) or use other methods to increase TUT and muscle recruitment. Adding a pause at the top and/or using a single-leg variation are the two simplest solutions.

You can also change the band position to increase glute engagement:

If you can anchor the band under something instead of holding it. Like if you can lay on something and do the hip thrusts with the bands hooked under

Also what’s next on the bands only menu? Bench?

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At 5:25 in the vid, it shows an excellent way not to involve the shoulders. Good eye candy, too.

Shorter video than above, and to the point. Much better than holding the band down with hands. Amazon sells Intey Pullup Assist Bands that come in a pack of 4 for about $30. Best price I’ve seen.