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How to end this cycle?

Two weeks ago I frontloaded 1200 mgs of test 900 cyp/100 prop MWF with 600 mgs of Eq and 25-30 mgs d-bol ed, and femara 1/4 tab ed to eod. I plan on continuing this for 2 more weeks at 1/2 the dose on all injectables (obviously) then cut out the d-bol around week 4/maybe 5 or 6 depending on my lower back. ? is Should I add tren or winny for my last 4. I plan on eating cleaner/less kcals and doing some cardio in the last 3-4 weeks as well as adding clen. Not sure when? 2 on 2 off with ECA?

I’m looking to get ripped up for spring break. So I’m wondering if I time it right and hit 500 mg sust 2 weeks before I go then switch over to prop with my winny or tren how will+ run my clen for 2 weeks before the end of my cycle and use ECA for my time out in Cali. I won’t have to transport anything. Although I’ll probably end up doing that at some point anyway (only 3 hrs from Mexico).

There has been alot of very informed/useful advice posted here lately, wouldn’t mind some here. Thanks.


What are your cycle plans as far as recovery? are you planning on going off before the vacation and doing recovery protocol or are you waiting until after? Also if you could lay out your dosages in a weekly format or something it would help a little more to get a better picture of exactly what you are doing. Thx p-22

Week 1 MWF 300 mg cyp -
100 mg prop
200 mg EQ
25-30 mg d-bol ed
1/4 tab femara eod
Week 2-4 MWF 200 mg cyp
50 mg prop
100 mg EQ
25-30 mg D-bol drop at
Week 4-8 MWF Same on tests cyp/prop
drop EQ
Add winny/tren last 4
Maybe some anavar and make
it a 12 weeker?

week 4-6 depending on how I feel
1/4 femara eod
Nolvadex on hand at all

2 weeks clen/2weeks ECA
Clomid 300 mg day 1 100 mg next 50 for the rest
AlCAR/Piracetam/PS ed
Should have prop on hand and am considering using it for recovery. 50 mg eod MWF? Better suggestions. I know this whole thing looks like kind of a cluster fuck. However I’m just throwing around some ideas. I’m just at the start of week 3 and am planning on bringing my clen/var/d-bol with me on the plane. Ideally I’d like to still feel nice and juiced up for the 5 days I’m there and then a week after I get back end all injectables and possibly continue with the var.

I think your cycle looks pretty feasable in my opinon. - You are bulking for the first 8 weeks then leaning, getting hard and vascular for the last 4. The test will run right through until the end of your cycle also. What are your plans for the Anavar? week 13+? Which week are you for sure to begin your recovery - or are you just going to decide when its time at that time. As for the prop use at the end of the cycle, be careful with the dosages, because of its short halflife it could give you spikes which are suppressive, Best to use your cyp if you want to .

13+ ??is that sarcasm, or are you serious?

I’d probably begin it at week 7-8 and end all injectables at week 8-9. I’m under the impression that I couldn’t start PCT until after my var is done? Right? If so then that’d be about week 11-12. Dose opinions on the var? Here’s a few hundred more ?'s When would you start the clen, would you do clen/eca, do I need HCG if I go that long? Thanks in advance.

I’m just not clear weather it was your plan to take the anavar with everything else or continue it after week 13 - I’ll get back to on the other stuff a little latter today when I have more time.

If I continued to take it after week 13 then I couldn’t start recovery till I was done, right?

Once again here is the clen protocol that I follow: go two weeks on clen, two weeks on an ECA then back on clen e.t.c. Don’t do the clen and the eca at the same time. Its up to you I think when you would like to start the clen. Both ephedrine and Clen have an anticatabolic effect on muscle so if you start two weeks on clen the last two of your cycle then start on the eca next, its no big deal, I guess it depends on the amount you have at your disposal to use.

(Instructions are for ventipulmin syrup)
Go to the pharmacy and get a small (100ml) empty bottle. Next ask the pharmacist for a medication syringe (used for cough syrup for children).
Pump the clen in the smaller bottle and draw what you need with the syringe.
Start with 1/2ml twice a day but not after 4pm (you might have a hard time sleeping) Increase dose ed by 1/2ml x 2.
If you experience severe shakes or splitting headaches, decrease the does to what you took the last time without those symptoms before increasing again.

1ml = 25 mcg.
You can go up to 140-160 mcg safely (you shouldn?t need more than that)

in 2 divided doses:

1st day 1ml (25mcg)
2nd day 2ml (50mcg)
3rd day 3ml (75mcg)
4th day 4ml (100mcg)
5th day 5ml (125mcg)
6th day 6ml (150mcg)
7th same
8th same
9th same
10th same
11th day 5ml (125mcg)
12th day 4ml (100mcg)
13th day 3ml (75mcg)
14th day 2ml (50mcg)

off for 2 weeks and then start cycle again for a total (on/off) of 12 wks.
(You should use an ECA for the 2 wks off clen)

The reason for tapering off is that some people get ill effects from stopping “cold turkey”
In my case I don’t have that problem so I can keep it at a higher dose longer.

As far as your anavar, it has a 9 hr half life, so you wouldn’t be able to apply the morning dbol protocol. I would just do all of it by end of week 12 and shut her down. However Var is a mild anabolic like primo so you may be able to bridge with it, but I have never tried so I can’t say. Maybe someone else has?
As far as dose goes, its a weak steroid, I haven’t taken it by itself but when stacked I use 50mg per day or more. In my opinon though its not worth the money you pay for it. - Also ask Squatty how much he uses in his stacks.

Also HCG is a good idea after end of week 3. I usually do 100 i.u. every 4-5 days or the weekend protocol of 250-500 i.u.- do this until the end of your second last week on, and maybe if you feel the need,a little mid last week of cycle.

I’ve decided on doing primo in my recovery once all my injectables are done. Around week 10. Here’s the deal I’ll be going out to Cali for 5 days while still running prop/clen/winny. I was curious if I leave on a tuesday then could I load up on say a longer acting ester like cyp and try to cram my winny doses in. I’m sure I could get some femara, clen, and maybe some d-bol on the plane. I’m just hesitant on brining pins/ vials ex. winny. Should I just transfer the winny to a sterile container/shampoo bottle, can I get pins in cali otc? Sorry again for the million ?'s. Thanks.

If all else fails just transfer the winny to a shampoo bottle (like you said) and instead of injecting your last doses, drink them (half life is 9 hours so one dose of (1cc) 50mg per day should be sufficient. As for the cypionate - half life is about 7 days so if you front load sufficiently before hand you should be fine. The rest of the stuff you shouldn’t have a problem taking with you.

I forgot about that whole thing with the winny. Thanks a million bro. My clen is oral 20 mcg per tab. So I’ll still follow the same protocol. I might dose a little lower at the peak, since I’m kinda sensitive to stimulants. We’ll see. I’m going to start my clen around week 8, ECA 9-10. Then stop. Now if I run primo in the end, to solidify my gains. I’ll start it at week 11, and run it for like 4 weeks. After that I should run my pct clomid/nolva/more clen/rhodeola rosia/ piracetam/alcar/100mg cyp. I will have cyp or prop. Advice on that would be appreciated. Thanks again, you’re very helpful.

Ask Spookaroo how he does his primo bridge- he is the expert on this as he has done it many times. If you are going to use cypionate or propinate, after the primo bridge, cut your intended doses in half. The primo will still be in your system as well and you don’t want to risk further suppression.
I would take nolva during your primo as well to begin stimulating the htpa while bridging, then continue the therapy post bridge with the rest of your recovery cocktail. If your testicles are loosing size, try to have an hcg protocol which ends before you start your bridge - you want your boys to be at full size for the bridge.

Sounds like good info to me. The primo I generally start about the same week as I am expecting clearance and am close to flatline. I do 200mgs a week for awhile. How long depends on how I feel and what my future plans are. I’ve done it for just a few weeks in the past and I’ve done it continuously between cycles. This I haven’t found to be a great idea maybe just due to the “addiction” factor and the “I feel like shit now that I am off” factor. Its always a good idea to be clean until your comfortable again and your blood levels restore to normal. As stated though I don’t always follow my own advice.

Thanks bro.