How to End Test E/Anavar Cycle?

Hay guys I’m coming to the end of my first cycle and could use some advice. Been looking like crazy and haveing trouble finding some answers.
Age 28
Weight 230
Height 6’1"
Bf 17%
Lifting 4+

My cycle is 1-12 test e 400 1.5cc once a week
Anavar 1-12 25mg twice a day
Was taking novedex twice a week started to feel like high e2 ( anxiety and anxious sad lack of drive and Energy )after week 8 so I dropped the novedex and started taking arimidex twice a week instead. Now after all the reading I’ve done I should have gone about it a little differently. So my question is how do I end it. I have novedex and colomid and arimidex on hand, do I continue taking Anavar tell to star my pct ? That means over 12 weeks of anavar. Or do I stop the var the same time as the test e. From what I’ve been reading I shouldn’t have started the var tell week five or even later. But too late to Change that …any insight would be greatly appreciated just don’t feel like guessing what I should next thanks for reading

That’s a really low dose of Var. I wouldn’t use it for any longer that 8 weeks. It is something that the body gets used to so it is often cycled up in dosage.Also, Anavar is a pretty mild compound so you don’t have to taper off of it. 50mg a day is very light to begin with. I’d just stop the var.

As far as the test e. Maybe you should look into splitting your dosages into twice a week. This will help keep your blood levels steady throughout the week. This might also help with the sex drive and energy.
Maybe you should look into running your adex EOD. Maybe start with .5mg and see how that goes. Some people need more and some need less depending on the person.

With this kind of cycle, just stop everything, EVERYTHING. Your body’ll recover… playing with drugs, when you don’t know almost nothing about it, it’s not a good idea, it’ll mess U…

1.5cc once a week? Test E?

Test E half life is 5 to 7 days… but you should consider 5 at max… see?

Drop everithing

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Thanks for getting back to me ! I think I’m pretty much over this it’s been a roller coaster over the last month so I think I’m done! Before I decide to every try again I’m definitely going to study this stuff so I fully understand how it all works. I now know that I just shouldn’t have just jumped into it but at the time seemed like I had a good source to get advice form but was wrong…So how would you recommend starting my pct should I just stop everything right now ? My last pen was Monday. Thanks for you help and advice it’s much appreciated.