How to End Diet, Bulk Without Gaining Fat?

I know that after weeks on Diet our metabolism is damaged and slow and after the diet if we start immediately rise carbohydrates intake we will gain lots of fat. How I should start bulking after I end my cutting diet without gaining fat (“without gaining fat”-i mean low % of fat) ??

Bump your calories up a bit (5-10%) each week or two.

If you cut carbs significantly, reintroduced slowly beginning with your workout carbs.

Reverse Dieting. (Literally the same thing tsantos said, just putting a name to it).

It’s a good thing you’re asking about this, because I think a lot of people do it wrong and get stuck in a yo-yo dieting phase. I personally did it wrong and was amazed at how quickly the body puts on fat if you’re not disciplined at adding the calories back in.

I heard about some rotation (like carb rotatio) but this goes from minimum 150gr carbs till 550 (individually)
For ex: 150-200-250-300-350-400-450

that would be a way of reverse dieting, though 50g jumps would be a bit large.

Stu recommends adding 25 grams of carbs per week.