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How to Eat?


Looking pretty much everywhere I can think of online, it seems that the VAST majority of articles are written towards people who want to lose weight. It seems that the assumption taken in those articles is that people, in general, like to eat, and so the problem is with getting them to cut down and eat healthily. Even with bulking articles, there always seems to be an emphasis on SUPER CLEAN diets because people, otherwise, will pig themselves into a heart attack.

Up until now, pretty much every bulk I've had has failed. Miserably. I really don't think I'm a hard gainer, because I've been "able" to hang on to a bit of stomach flab for a couple years. However, I really, really don't like eating. Eating, to me, is like shitting. It feels good if I REALLY have to do it, but when I don't, it just feels like it's taking up time I could be doing something else.

Consequently, I've gotten pretty good at appetite suppression. If I'm just lounging around, I can get through a day on an 800 cal lunch. And even WHEN I'm trying to gain weight, I have trouble deciding what to eat, how much, etc. So...

tl;dr Can I get some tips (or god forbid, an ARTICLE) geared towards people who actually DON'T like to eat?

PS I apologize for that image; it's just the only thing I can think of to convey the way I regard eating to those who seem to be consistently the hungriest group of people on the planet.


Find a different sport.


Yup, that's the answer I get everywhere. Seems no one knows and decides to play it off with a "A REAL MAN LIKES TO EAT." I thought someone here, of all places, 'd be knowledgable enough to help.


i feel ya getsuookami,

i too want to get bigger, but my problem is i feel funny when lifting heavy weights. like if i'm just in 'coast' mode, i probably go to the gym once a week. lifting weights to me feels like taking a nice piss. it feels good, but i don't want to spend 90 minutes day in the gym lifting weights, just like i don't want to spend an hour and half in front of the toilet. you know what i mean?

if you could find me an article telling me how i can lift weights more, i'd really appriciate it.


Eat your meals at the same time. After a while, you'll instinctively start to become hungry at those times. If you eat breakfast 15 minutes after you wake up, every day, you'll eventually wake up starving. :slight_smile:

Drink some of your calories. A whey protein shake with 2 scoops of protein (240 calories) with 2 tbs of olive oil (240 calories) & a tbs of natural peanut butter (100 calories) will make things easier. And it actually tastes pretty good! :slight_smile:

Milk works too, but that has a fair amount of sugar in it. Get lactaid, or something similar, if you're lactose intolerant though. The stress from the lactose can cause a rise in cortisol, which leads to fat storage.

The main thing is to JUST DO IT. :smiley:


For about a month, I've been doing 2 2-scoop shakes a day + 2 cans of tuna with several tbs of olive oil in addition to the meals I get at my college's cafeteria. Oh, and 2 gallons+ of milk a week. The fact of the matter is I'd LOVE to have full control of my diet, but I don't have the money or the facilities to cook for myself :frowning: So getting in what I can at the cafe is essential.


well...what does that meals you get at the cafeteria look like'?


so you don't like to eat because there are better things to do with your time?

Why not bring your backpack into the college lunch buffet, and shove some good tasting shit in there after you are done with your meal.

Then eat while you shit, eat while you read comics, eat while you do homework.

If you are not committed enough to eat food, something that should be enjoyable for a guy who "can never gain weight", then how are you going to write a workout log, go to the gym, do things correctly, and learn proper technique.

By saying you don't want to eat, all you have said is that you don't really care about gaining muscle. You are going to have to work that one out on your own.


Some sort of protein source(I'm gonna guess, no matter what they serve, I'm getting 25-30 g), carb source(no idea, but it's usually a cup, 1.5 cups of rice), and vegetables(corn, usually). What they're serving changes daily. Add a bowl of tomatoes, broccoli, and cucumbers, and either a plate of pasta or a plain burger and fries.


They ban people who steal anything more than a couple pieces of fruit at a time. I have a log elsewhere, though since I've been sick for the past two weeks it's been neglected, so I might start over here. Honestly, I'd love to have a huge appetite and "enjoy" eating beyond it keeping me from passing out, but I don't. Which is the reason I came here. Just like some people are naturally weak in some lift, I don't get hungry. The whole point of me being here was to find someone who knew a way to work around that particular weakness.


Do you like to gas up your car? I'm willing to bet that you don't, but you do it anyway so that you get where you're going. Food is fuel. Set a daily intake level and eat it every day. Not everything in life has to be super happy fucking fun. You know what you need to do, now man up and do it.


Get over it or deal with being small.


Let me just say that the issue is not that I don't get enough calories in; I was looking to see if anyone knew how to make it easier. :expressionless: I'll shove food down my throat if I have to, but if there was a better way, that's what I was asking for. If not, it would have been more helpful to just hear that. :confused: Thanks to the people who did help.


hrmm your food choices are kinda off.
Tuna is a great bodybuilding food because it fills you up, is pretty lean and takes a long time to eat. that's the exact opposite of what you want.

I'd say try something like eat 2 tbsp of peanut butter every two hours washed down with a glass of milk. That's in addition to all youur normal meals. That will take 5 min a time and shouldn't fill you up at all, if anything it'll make you hungrier from eating often. This will get ya 300 calories per "snack". Done 6 times throughout the day you lose a total of 30 min and about $2. You gain 1800 cals with minimal discomfort. If that doesn't put on weight you have a tape worm. If you put on fat you're eating too much. Scale it till you hit the sweetspot.


A shake inbtween your normal cafeteria meals.


Look at page 3 on that article. Basically make a shake of a quality protein source, some healthy carbs and healthy fats. It's a quick easy way to ram down calories without much time, effort and you can fool around with it by using different flavors, fruits etc. Of course you will have to alter the amounts of protein, fats etc used to suit yourself and your goals.

If you don't even have the will, desire, appetite etc to put something like that down, because some calorie dense shakes taste really good, well you are just going to have to shove food down your throat.


Bottom line is very simply---if you don't like eating, but want to get big, eat anyway. Even if you hate it. Sad truth really, but you gotta pay the cost to be the boss. I've had to force feed myself at numerous points. Easiest way I've done it is alternate solid and liquid meals. The liquid meals empty out of your stomach faster so it's easier to get the next solid meal down than if you'd just eating a solid meal prior.

One point is, if you can find a way to stimulate your metabolism and rev it up, you should start to become hungry more often.

Other point is, you do what you gotta do, period. The foods you are eating are really, really clean. That's great, but one way to make yourself want to eat is eating some calorie rich junk food. I don't mean candy bars necessarily, but stuff like pizza, hamburgers, chocolate milk instead of regular milk, that sort of thing. Chocolate milk was a big one for me.

The danger of course is that in doing this you might-- a) overeat and develop bad habits that are harder to break later on, b) overeat and put on more fat in your bulk than you need to to make optimal progress, or c) get used to eating these foods, which will make you crave them later on when you go through a cutting phase.

I've done all three of those at different points in my training life. They're fixable though.