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how to eat when using androsol

i just read the message about the high school kid who got some pro-hormones for his b-day, and one poster caustioned him to make sure he was eating enough. I understand that you need more calories when using androsol to gain muscle, but is there any other considerations i should make? Also i am on a powerlifting program so i hope that takes care of the high intersity lifting part of the equation, and i only have one cheat meal a week, and i get enough calories to but on weight ( 7 lbs in the last month)

Read the MAG-10 Plan for Success and the Growth Surge Project at T-mag. The diet, protein recs etc should be about the same for Androsol.

Lots of calories but not sloppy calories. Carbs and protein way up. SLEEP and train like an animal. You should see some good results.