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How to Eat on a Bulking Cycle?

Good morning,

So Im starting a bulking cycle tomorrow with steroids. Is it true that I could eat less carbs? I mean, I have to eat around 4000 calories to be on a surplus. Can i eat less calories and reduce carbs to get a lean bulk?

You eat the same as bulking naty u just get more out of it. Eat 20x your body weight in Cal’s & keep protien at 2g per lb you can’t miss if eating clean

sorry “20x your body weight (in pounds??) in cals?” is that what you meant?

185lbs x 20 = 3,700 calories

I think that’s what he meant.



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Eat carbs. Good carbs, lots of them. Complex carbs, oatmeal! Some sweet potato, throw in some rice and pasta too. Eat Whole Foods, no processed sugar filled junk. And make sure to eat, A LOT

Agree with the above. I gotta have my carbs and since this is a “bulk” you’re doing I suggest you get them too. Personally, when I’m on cycle I get away with a lot more when it comes to diet.

Oatmeal, sweet potatoes, rice (white or brown), fruit. Keep it simple, eat to grow for now and lean out later on when you’re done bulking.