How to Eat in Caloric Surplus?

Hey T-Nation Citizen

Im 30 years old male
165 cm and 60kg (asian) - yes im smoll
Ive been training for 5 years
But i still need to know u guys oppinion about proper nutrition , esp in bulking :slight_smile:

I train 4 -5 days a week ( try to hit every muscle every 3-4 days)

The question is
-How to eat in caloric surplus without getting too much fat ?

  • does it have to be more Carb / more protein?
  • what foods to avoid ?

Thanks zen :kissing_heart:

Don’t eat too many calories.

Check out all these articles


Thaanks alott !!

If you only gained 2kg after a 500mg test cycle then i don’t think you need to worry about getting fat. Just eat more… Ignore clean eating if that’s what it takes.