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How to Eat in Caloric Surplus for Lean Bulk?

Hi everyone. I’m starting the Stronglifts 5x5 program in September, when I will have access to a commercial gym. I have ben eating on average 3,000 calories per day for the last month (as this is when I started tracking the food I ate). I have been doing home workouts consisting of largely dumbbells, pushup variations, and lunges. I have been seeing an increase in LBM, and have been taking in approximately my bodyweight in protein each day. Should I begin eating more when I start the program? If so, how much? Any input is appreciated.

What did you weigh a month ago and what do you weigh now?

That’s going to be the biggest factor in how, or if, your diet should change.

4 pounds. I weighed 158 and am now 162 lbs, 11-15% bf.

I’d stay consistent with the calories. If weekly weight gain stops, then consider making a small increase.

If your avatar pic is fairly recent, you’re in a decent place bodyfat-wise (forget about tracking a percentage), so the lifting plus good eating should be a productive combo.


Thank you very much. Just one more thing–is there anything in particular I should know before starting stronglifts?

Not specifically for Stronglifts, but in general: Stick to the plan, don’t add exercises; don’t ego-lift, make smart choices about load; plan to stick with it for at least 8 weeks, you’ve had other threads about potential program-hopping, which is a progress-killer.

Yup. This summer I was busy and it was hard for me to actually get to the
gym and stick to the program I tried. This should be better, however,
because I know I can get to the gym for an hour three times a week. Thank
you for the advice, and as I do the Stronglifts program I’ll update w/
progress pics.