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How to Eat and How Much on Rest Days?

If one was to take a non training day once per week, how much should he or she eat in terms of calories? And theres 2 sides of the calorie arguement
One saying more than usual calories due to your body needing to grow and repair etc…
And the other saying less due to less activity.

I would like to hear from you guys.

Also on those tdee calculators, does weightlifting count towards the exercise category?
For example, very active category says sports or exercise 6-7 times a week. So if I lift 6 times a week and hit above 10k steps daily, would i be considered very active?

Depends on how the whole week of lifting and eating prior to that day was.

But if it’s 6 on 1 off, definitely eat to recover.

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This. Look at your entire week as a whole and it should be straightforward.

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Eat above normal days?

What is normal? A moderate surplus or deficit? Right around break even?

You didn’t state your goal but honestly, most of the time it’s best to just eat the same every day. Especially if you’re training most days of the week like you said you are.

It largely depends on your goals. Is your goal to gain weight/LBM? If so, eat in a slight surplus. If your goal is to keep gaining LBM but attempting to stay leaner while doing so, eat at maintenance, or in a slight deficit (10%). If you’re trying to lean out, eat in a slight deficit. If you’re getting your protein numbers in and eating close to maintenance, you can absolutely still gain muscle if your only day in a deficit is a non-training day.

That being said, what are your goals right now regarding training and physique? Having one a day week in a slight deficit isn’t going to hinder your progress, and if you do lower carbs that day (not super low, just lower than normal) may help insulin sensitivity and the way you manage carbs on the other days of the week.

My goal is to lean bulk with minimal fat gains

The way I see it, if resistance training will have an anabolic effect for up to 48 hours, I will continue to eat during that window per current bulking macros and calories. When I train 3 days per week and I occasionally go an extra day in between workouts, I won’t worry as much on that third off day to hit my total calories and might even use it as an excuse to under eat and get rid of a little excess I’ve collected along the way

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If that’s the case, I would advise against eating in a surplus on your rest days. Eat at maintenance, or follow @davidtower’s advice: