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How to E-mail Another User


Probably a stupid question but can’t figure it out. I was asked to e-mail another user but I can’t figure out how to do it through the forum or find their e-mail address. I use a mobile device to visit the site so i am only familiar with the mobile interface - assuming it is different from a desktop.


users can choose in their hub settings to set their email as public so people can see it


Yep, like Yogi said, pretty sure you should be able to see it in their profile only if they’ve set it to publicly viewable.

Also, for reference, it’s against forum policy to post emails (or phone numbers) in posts. There were some issues a while back with people posting that info online, not realizing that ne’er-do-wells are also online, and basically stepping into trouble.


Ooooohhhh Forum Director eh Colucci?

Don’t let it go to your head, Stalin.


I think you’re actually the first person to notice that. And it’s notsomuch Stalin, as it is…


I think this might be more accurate, but congrats on having your contributions rewarded. I hope there was some Plazma or something in your xmas stocking as a thanks from Biotest