How to drop bodyfat

Hi guys. I need sum advice on getting rid of body fat to see my abs. I’ve been training hard all year and i’ve put on decent muscle size but my abs is rather flabby. I tried doing cardio and i have gone thinner in every other area except my stomach! I’ve also reduced my carb intake and increased my protein intake but my progress seems to be in a rut. I currently work out 5-6X a week and do 60 min of weights and a 15 - 30 min cardio session after that. I’ve lost body weight but my stomach is still flabby!!!..HElP !!!

sounds like you tried a whole buncha stuff and still failed… it happens, it happened to the most of us, maybe its time for more radical insane diets? like the fat fast… do a search on the forum and on the main site for it “fat fast” good luck you won’t even need to do the cardio sessions… Even then expect to only lose about 3 pounds a week. Sounds kinda small doesn’t it? well it adds up… be patient.

  1. Your abs aren’t flabby. You just have fat in front of them. They may be small however and perhaps soft. 2) If you can see your stomach, something is wrong. Your stomach is a smooth muscle that mushes up food for you. It should be on the inside. (Old Poliquin joke.) 3) How many calories are you eating per day? 4) Try Meltdown training and make sure you’ve read the Diet Manifesto at T-mag. 5) MD6 helps target problem area fat. Try that, but I bet there are diet problems that should be fixed first.

Your situation is fairly common. Here’s what I recommend: adopt the T-Dawg diet from T-Mag, but keep carbs over 100g on training days. If you don’t use Androsol while on the diet, you won’t be able to keep calories quite as low without risking muscle loss. Start your diet with liberal calories (read: not too low), and reduce by 100-200 every three days. Monitor fat loss vs. weight loss EVERY DAY. If you’re losing more than 2# per week, some if it is bound to be muscle (but you can make sure by monitoring every day). Keep your cardio sessions AWAY from your lifting sessions, if possible. Cardio should be done 2-3 X per week, at 75% MHR. Remember this: IT’S ALL ABOUT YOUR DIET! One more thing: to maintain strength and muscle mass DO NOT lower the weight you’re using for exercises by more than 5%.