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How to Drop 10kg in 6 Weeks?


Hi all,

My bodyweight has risen to 101kg steadily, and has been holding there for about 2 months.

It's affecting my running ability, and bodyweight exercises like pushups and heaves.

I've been using the zone diet (3x 5block meals, 2x 2block) for about 3 weeks, and haven't seen any fluctuations. I eat mostly paleo, with dairy (which I've cut, 4 days ago)
I've cut down on most of my heavy lifting, utilising crossfit based metcon circuits, running and rucking.

Can anyone reccomend a brutal, and effective method? I'm desperate, and hungry to achieve my goals at almost any cost.


is your increas in bodyweight due to extra muscle or extra fat?

the way you lose weight is to not eat so much. You're already doing lots of "cardio"

also, cutting down on most of your heavy lifting isnt going to help you lose weight faster (unless you're trying to lose muscle mass)


Cut off an arm.

Seriously tho, just give it some time, pay attention to what your macro break down comes out to.
Protein and fat for the most part you want to keep fairly constant, and adjust your carbs based on training day, non-training day, goals, progress/results. Then adjust based on how you respond.


Take your time to lose the weight, from the perspective of being able to lose the weight (fat) and keep it off, pace yourself to get there. Restricting macros, certain foods etc are all tools, but the only success if you can keep the weight off and be happy with your lifestyle change.


There are about 7500 kcals in a kilo of fat.
You want to drop 10 kilos, that's 75000 kcals.
6 weeks is 42 days. 75000/42 =~1800
Thus you will need an 1800 calorie per day deficit to lose 10 kilos in 6 weeks.
If your maintenance is 2800 kcals, that leaves you 1000 kcalories a day.

That's 150 grams of whey and 2 cups of lowfat yogurt. Per day. For 6 weeks.

~28 kilos of excess fat could support the deficit without losing muscle. If you have any less fat than that, you'll either have to reduce the deficit (eat more), or accept that you will lose muscle.

There's the math and the simple truth. You decide what to do, but MattyG has it about right, I believe. Pick an arm you don't like.


I dropped 15lbs twice on the V-Diet. It was very effective for me.


hi all,

i am new to T-Nation..!! i just seen this article what V-Diet???

i want to strip fat and get as lean as possible by september !!

can anyone help me??

katie :smiley: x


Hmm. Can't dispute mathematics, I guess.

Thanks for that, and those that replied. I'll keep an eye on my calorie intake, with a lower-carb focus, and monitor my progress in and out of the gym.



Not to mention that a diet that extreme is probably going to fuck up some shit.


Stop drinking water.


Here ya go chief:


or, you could just be 100kg and get better at your bodyweight exercises again - have you gained 10kg of fat or muscle?



You want to loose a whole bunch of muscle so you can be better at push ups and running? Why not just get better at push ups and running, plenty of superheavyweight boxers and heavyweight MMA fighters have great cardio at 100kg plus, sounds to me like you are hippy lazy or a troll.