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How to Dose Liquid Oral Winstrol?


Im familiar with how you would dose pills or injectible but this really stumped me. I have been looking online and seems like not much is mentioned about liquid ingestable winstrol. It has a milky white look to it and separates after several hours so i feel its legitimate. It came in a 30ML container.

Could i assume that 1 ml is one cc, then just drink half a ml every 3 days? Please help, or at least send a link to somewhere that actually talks about oral liquid winstrol. thanks broski's.


1 mL is one cc, but if your container isn’t labeled then we don’t know how many mg/mL it is supposed to be.

But let’s say as a pure guess that it is supposed to be 50 mg/mL.

Half a mL per 3 days would be a very lame dosage.