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How to Dose 100mcg Clen Tabs?

I bought some clen tabs that are 100mcg.
Doesn’t make any sense to me why they would make tabs that are that strong, how should I dose it? I usually start with 20mcg and work my way up to 80.

would cutting it up ensure even distribution of clen? if not would dissolving it in water do a better job of evenly distributing it?


The water solubility of clen is at 112 mcg/mL so it would be possible to dissolve in 10 mL and then take a syringe to get the dosing right and just spray it in your mouth (without the needle preferably).

If these are regular fast liberating tablets (lactose or similar) than you can just part them in quarters and take a quarter a day. The distribution might not be equal which could be a problem but realistically speaking it should be fairly evenly distributed.
If it’s a tablet that liberates slowly, there might be problems. But I think Clen Tablets aren’t because of the long half life it has anyway.

I’d just break them in quarters.