How to Do Warm-up Sets for a PR Set at 315x5?

If you have time, could you show me what you would recommend on how to work up to a max set if you were trying to get a PR set of 5 reps at 315?
Thanks for your time

it depends on your neurotype. Some people son’t need many preparations sets (1A and 1B), in fact, some might have a lesser performance when doing to many warm-ups (1A) while others will need a high number of warm-up sets (2B and 3).

If you point a gun to my head and force me to give you ONE warm-up progression I’d go with this:

“Articular warm-up phase” (45-60 set between sets)
Bar x 10
135 x 8

“Muscular warm-up phase” (2 min of rest between sets)
185 x 5
225 x 3
275 x 3

“Neurological amping up phase” (2-3 min of rest between sets)
295 x 1
315 x 1
325 x 1

“Test set”
315 x 5

Awesome. This is what I was looking for. Thanks!