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How To Do These Exercises?


Here's a list of exercises in programs that I will use in the future but I have no idea how to do them. I've tried looking them up, but I'm still a little iffy on them. If people could give a description, then it would be appreciated. They are...

Reactive squat-
Reactive glute ham raise-
Peterson step-up -
Supine 1-arm DB protraction-
Wide stance anderson squat-
DB cuban press-
Fixed bar suspended extension-
Reverse band press-
Seated DB clean-

Also, what is the difference between a regular squat and a Low Bar power squat? What are the benefits of using a low bar squat for training?


One picks movements to obtain a certain effect. What is the effect you are trying to achieve?

Many of these are ballistic in nature and belong on a Dynamic Effort day in powerlifting training plan. One is actually a prehab movement (cuban press) I don't know what an anderson squat is, so I wouldn't do one until I knew how to perform it and why I was doing it.

What are your goals and what is your general training plan?

Sorry if this seems nitpicky....


I am actually planning to cycle through Kelly Baggett's Speed Manual and Eric Cressey's Ultimate Off Season. Right now, and all the way through spring of next year, I just want to up my strength, but still have good explosiveness since I play in a basketball rec league. I only play ball once a week for maybe 30 minutes so it isn't interfering with my strength gains.

The reason I'm setting it up like this is because when it gets colder outside, I won't be able to get out on the track and sprint, so I'll be working on getting the strength up. Then when spring comes along, I'll go back to working on explosiveness and reactiveness. The workouts I listed are things in both books that I did not now how to do, or I couldn't understand fully how to do.


I'll describe the ones I know:

Lie on a bench like you would bench press, while holding one DB with one hand. Extend your arm to full lockout, and use your scapula only to move your arm up and down. Scap pushups are another variation of this exercise. Get in pushup position and only move your scapulae.

A power rack with pins is needed here. Set the pins so that the bar is at hip level (or however your program says, it may be different). Get under the bar with either a front or back squat stance, depending on programming, and start squatting. More than likely you will be using less weight than a regular squat.

Grab DBs and hold them like you're about to do some upright rows. Begin by performing an upright row until you get to your nipple line. Then, externally rotate your shoulders until you get into a shoulder press position, and press the weight overhead. Reverse movement for eccentric portion

Similiar to the cuban press, but a little more explosive. Sit down with DBs hanging to your sides. Then, use your traps to power up the DBs while also externally rotating the shoulders. Unlike the cuban press where the DBs stay close to your body, the clean motion creates a big arc (think Oly lifting). End in the "bottom overhead press position".

I won't get into specifics with the squats because I don't change my stance all that much and aren't familiar with the theory behind all the variations. I guess my stance is more power squat-ish, with a stance a little bit farther than shoulder width, with the bar resting on shelf between my middle traps and rear shoulders. This stance seems to work my legs evenly (quad/ham/glute) so I have no complaints.


Another move I have done/seen that was called a Cuban press -

sit facedown on an incline bench at about 45deg(chest on back pad), holding DBs(you will have to go light for this). Pull the DBs up into an L position(as in YTWL)(upper arms form line straight across shoulders, lower arms hanging down so elbow forms 90deg), rotate arms so forearms are now at same angle as body, then perform overhead press. You are not trying to press up toward the ceiling, you are trying to press directly in line with your body/head.


video clips of "reactive" work are here: inno-sport.net/Strength-Speed.htm

Click around to find more, but that page has a "reactive squat", etc. clip.