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How to Do Scapular Pullups?


Hey guys i have a question about Scapular Pullups.

How do u do them? I think that my scapular are a bit underdeveloped, and i like doing pullups so i thought these would help.

What are some other scap. exercises i can do?

Thanks alot



Just so you know, the scapulae are actually bone. Do you mean the muscles of your mid upper back are too small for your liking?

Try Kelso shrugs, facepulls, prone flys, barbell rows, or something similar.

I think the scap pullups you're referring to are just pullups done with your body parallel to the floor rather than perpendicular.



hang from bar.. . pull yourself up without bending your arms. ..


Aren't they Jedi pullups?


Dont focus on hanging from the bar, but realize the bar is not really there.....


Check out this link by Charles Poliquin
scroll down to # 3

and another by Cressey scap pushups

Poliquin first book had these chinup variations in it.


Thanks for all the help, especially the links.