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How To Do Rack Pulls


I have a few questions and would be grateful if you guys can help me out

1)Do i drag the bar along my legs during the rack pull?


2)do i keep close to my body but make sure it DOES NOT touch my body?

i have seen a female powerlifter drag the bar along her legs while doing a rack pull.Is this correct or wrong.

I started rack pulling recently and i do it around knee level.I drag the bar along my legs.


No expert, but I'm pretty sure you want the bar to drag. Just like when you do the full deadlift.


I'm not sure how you could keep more than 95lbs. from dragging up your legs.


Just like a deadlift, except you start higher. Don't overthink it...it's a power move.


I'm certainly not strong compared to most on T-Nation, but I pulled 455 from just below the knees about a week ago and it didn't drag up my leg. I think, and it's only a guess, that it has a lot to do with the way one is built.


I can't picture that at all.


I was thinking about this. I'm pretty damn sure that it's a rarity for the bar to actually drag up my legs. There's the off-chance that I don't realize the dragging, but I'm pretty sure I would on warm ups. I'm going to agree with LBRTRN and say it has mostly to do with the way one is built.


Just position yourself like you would for the last part of your deadlift.


for the rack pull is your shoulder girdle set, rounded foward, or pinched back?