How to Do Leroy Colbert's Method?

How to do this?

Leroy Colbert’s Method.

Do we Do this as supersets? Where do we “Rest 1 min”?

A1,A2 without rest, then rest 1 min before B1,B2,
then B1,B2 without rest, then res 1 min before moving to C1,C2?

If we do like above, the total workout time 1 hour and 10 minutes, doesn’t add up.

Why does it says A1,A2, Instead of A,B?

Yes, that’s what A1/A2, B1/B2, etc. mean.

After the second exercise in the superset.

Nope. Do a set of A1, then a A2, rest 1 minute. Do another set of A1, then A2, rest 1 minute, repeat until you’ve done four sets of each. Then do a set of B1, then B2, rest 1 minute, do a set of B1, then B2, rest 1 minute… … …

I’m not doing the math to double-check. The workout takes as long as it takes. Keep the rest periods strict and push yourself hard if you need to get it done quickly. But it’s a monster full-body workout, so it’s gonna be tough.

It’s just the way things are commonly written. Like how “3x10” always means “3 sets of 10”, not “3 reps for 10 sets”.


Awesome. Thanks! I did this once and got hard muscles.

Other super set programs suggest 2-3 mins rest. If I somehow manage to do this with just 1 min rest, is it going to damage me?