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How to Do I Get Rid of My Hourglass Shape?

Hey, I have been working out for 6 months now and I have lost some fat and gained a little muscle. Im not looking to become huge or anything, I just want to make my body more aesthetic and be able to move some heavy weight.

I have done progress but dont seem to get rid off my “love handles”, if i call it that, i have wide hip bones. How do I tackle this? Is building a bigger back the solution? or how do I get my waist wider so i get rid of my hourglass shape?

What exercises would you recommend me doing?

This is me: PSX_20180214_084323|320x500

6’8(205cm) and weigh 225 lbs(105kg).
My current 1max deadlift is 330 lbs(150kg).
Squat 1max is 220 lbs(100kg).

be less fat; be more muscular.

All there is to it.


read pretty much any 10 articles(not “tips”) on the Tnation part of the website. Pick one program and one nutrition strategy that resonates

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The pic’s not showing, but at 6’8" and 225, I’m guessing you’re lanky. If you have love handles, you might be what the kids are calling “skinny fat”.

Follow this program for at least 8 weeks, with 15-20 minutes of easy-ish cardio 2 or 3 days a week, while eating to build muscle. This is one diet plan to follow.

That can help.

That won’t help. You almost never want to make your waist wider, as it does nothing good for the physique.

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Alright thanks for all the suggestions ill take a look at it.

This link should work:

When you get bigger it will be less pronounced.


I’m only 6"1 but I too have huge hips. I suggest you should focus on lats (well back in general) and delts to increase the impression of width. Also be patient, you have a large frame to fill

Yeah you seem to have big hip bones. Apart from shaving them down through surgery, there’s nothing you can do against them. However, I have fairly wide hips too and what helps is definitely low bodyfat. You carry way more fat on your hips than your shoulders so it’ll enhance proportions.
Also, obviously just work out and emphasize on shoulders.
Other than that, there’s not much you can do.

You really don’t look bad at all. I was expecting another 16year old with body image issues.

Emphasise lats and shoulders, working on the V taper. Don’t neglect legs and keep your lower back and core muscles healthy and strong because tall people tend to get lower back issues.

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Yeah, i guess my back and shoulders can become much bigger😊 now i just need to eat enough😅

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Yeah, i store my fat in the worst possible place… yeah, i guess ill have to try and grow a bit more and then just try to loose the fat.

I am also very tall and have a wide bone structure including hips and to a lesser effect shoulders, gaining thickness in my obliques and lats helped a lot, it makes everything look more even even though your waist is technically getting bigger

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just echoing what’s been said. the more muscle you put on, the less you’ll notice the ‘hourglass shape’ thing. Right now you just kind of look like a regular, out of shape dude. It’s not that bad.

Hello fellow tall man! Okay so workout back and obliques more then😊 have tips on oblique exercises?

Alright​:blush: ill try to get the calories in :blush:

You probably don’t need to do work specifically to build your oblique muscles, but rather train in an athletic way. I’ve seen my core get bigger and stronger through training for strongman competitions. Heavy carries like farmers walks, yoke carries, sandbag or keg carries, etc should build your core. Anything that involves the need to brace your core and create stability, particularly while moving. Squats, deadlifts, and standing overhead press also involve these muscles.

yep one armed farmer carries are also a staple in my training

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Yeah, im working on my legs now too😊 never dkip leg day right😉

Alright farmer walks ill include😊 is sledge hammer exercise helpfull too? (You know hitting a tire with a sledge hammer)

I feel your pain as I’m in the same situation myself. Some guys will have a solid v-taper despite having never trained. What I can tell you is that the stronger I get the less noticeable it becomes. It looked worse when I was 145 versus now at 165 (I’m 6 feet tall by the way, so still pretty scrawny). Get a lot stronger over the next few years and you’ll be fine. Trust me, I’ve spent way too much time worrying about the exact same thing. There’s nothing you can do about it to a certain extent as you can’t re-structure your skeleton. But you can do A LOT to change your overall appearance.