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How to Do HIIT On a Treadmill?


Okay, id just like to know the best way of doing HIIT on the tread mill, on the bike there was a program built in and i just had to go all out on the intervals and recover during the valleys

right now on the treadmill im warming up then run at 5.5 miles an hour for 3 mins then walk for 1 min then repeat that 4 times

should i be running at a higher speed for less mins? take a longer walk rest? or should i keep upping the sprint times and keep the walk time s the same? today i think im going to increase the speed to 6 miles an hour and do the 3:1 ratio

im trying to lose fat and not lose any muscle


Google HIIT training and the first link that comes up will give you better guidelines than the 3/1 template you are currently following.

I'd recommend running on a track (or anywhere else outside for that matter). I have always found it much easier to go max effort on foot than on any kind of machine. A treadmile in particular poses additional problems as you must wait for it to get up to speed and slow back down at the end of your interval.

In short, yes I would recommend going much faster than 5.5 mph. Go balls out (as much as possible on a treadmill) for a shorter time frame with a rest period slightly longer than the interval just completed. My HIIT sessions rarely topped 9-12 minutes (with a 3 minute warm-up and cool-down session slapped onto each end). I have had good fat loss results with using this strategy (with a prudent diet in place, and longer, low-intensity cardio sessions occasionally).

Best of luck to you!


Bas Rutten HIIT Treadmill workout = 10mins, 0 incline, 11miles p/h, jump off - crank the incline to max & drop the speed to 9 miles p/h. sprint for 45secs, rest for 30secs & repeat til you fall off & cry. at the time of recosrding, max reps of sprints done was 9...


Agreed; go outside. I do sprints on the side road by my house. My neighbors think something is wrong with me, perhaps they're right!


I alternate between intervals of 30 seconds at a speed of 10 and 10 seconds at a speed of 5




it's hard to do it on a treadmill, but i recommend running faster for 2 min, rest 30 sec, and do it again until you have 10 min, keep raising the number of repetitions each week until you get to 30min.

The thing with running outside is that it can stabilize the way you run. Some people do not know how to run efficiently, so if you run at all you can give up a hill your body takes the right position, if you run down hill too, so your body mechanics better themselves.

Also running outside you have sidewakls, rocks, things that break your breathing and thus tire you faster. Remember hit is not only sprints (like you would like to do on a treadmill) outside you can touch the floor every 30 sec, or jump with your knees up 10 times after each spring of 90 sec (going all you can run 90 sec is good) then jog don't walk, jog for 1 minute and repeat. You can do al sorts of stuff outside that make HIT stay loyal to its purpose.

hope this helps.