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How to Do Box Squats


Is this the right way to do it?





Well I only watched the first one but short answer >>> YES!!

Use various box heights for different goals / sticking points.

Have fun

They work wonders for helping get out of the bottom.

Hope that helps


We recently started doin' box squats at my school. The coach is telling us to jump up on our toes. Is that another way to do them or will that cause a problem.


At first I thought this was a question, but damn man nice squat. Very solid.


Toes NO. Push through your hole foot but to do this concentrate on pushing with the heel. It will use more of your hips and Glutes, and hams.

Going on toes such as lifted on plates has its place for targeting the quads more but your still using the whole foot. not on your toes.

Hope that helps,


Many coaches try stuff like that because they think it will "carry over" better to full extension in sports. This is a mistake. If you actually could come up on to your toes, you should be able to jump several inches off the ground as well.

Box squats are for strength and power, not full extension, but try to turn them into a full extension exercise and they will do neither.


Not sure why this hasn't been posted yet:


If you're going to box squat, this is a must read!

Stay strong


Word of warning:

I made this mistake and now I've just reached month 2 of no squatting.

Do not use a box that is below your natural range of motion. I don't know what I was thinking at the time, but I figured it would be better to go lower than I went freely. Neither my strength nor my flexibility were really up for going this low and most of the sress was placed on my knees. The lateral portion of my right knee is strained and it's taking a while to heal. It still twinges when I attempt a bodyweight squat. It wasn't the smartest thing I've ever done.