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How To Do 'Band Walks'?

How do I perform “Straight Leg Mini-Band Walks” and “Super Band X Walks”?

I’ve seen both of these exercises recommended (particularly in articles by Michael Boyle) but how are they performed?

For the mini-band walk, is the band held in the same way as for the super band walk (held in each hand, passing in an x across the body and looping under both feet) or is it held in a loop around the ankles or thighs?

For either walk, should I be walking forwards or side-stepping? Should I be pointing my toes forward, or in, or out?

[quote]f-train wrote:
How do I perform “Straight Leg Mini-Band Walks” and “Super Band X Walks”?[/quote]
Mike Robertson described mini band walks in this article, about halfway down:

And the super band x-walks are most likely the #7 exercise described here:

Which articles in particular are you referring to? I thought he generally described the exercises he recommends.